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Have you ever been "disappointed" by someone famous?

Asked by TLRobinson (2365points) January 14th, 2010

A previous question had me thinking; have you ever encountered/ spoken with/ observed someone famous who wasnt at all how they portray themselves- either nice, mean, quiet, taller, shorter, not as good looking as you thought.

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Yes, Kanye West. Good musician, terrible ego.

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I have not met him… but a-rod was my role model, but now that he’s been on steroids. I can’t look up to him anymore.

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Fortunately enough for me, all the famous people I’ve ever met have been very down-to-earth, wonderful people. Kevin Costner even winked at me once, when I passed him going into a 7–11 as he was leaving.

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Tiga Tiga Tiga Tiger Woods yall!

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I guess I was kindof sad when I found out that Charlton Heston had a show on the Bible Channel.

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Charlie Sheen and his recent domestic violence situation. Which also goes for Chris Brown.

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Kirsten Vangsness.

Found out she is a lesbian. BUMMER!
I dreamed we fell in love and had many babies. :-)

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Kanye West, Vin Diesel for doing the Pacifier and Dwayne Johnson for his upcoming toothfairy movie. Might as well throw in Mel for his anti semitism. And Jet Li for ceasing to make traditional kung fu movies.

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Yes….when I was a kid I had a super crush on a person….and I admired his work.

When I was an adult, a new friend of mine happened to mention that Mr Of-Childhood-Adulation was a close friend of hers. She introduced us. We fell in love…I am sure that the admiration of mine was propelled by the childhood idea I had of him…and his ego loved the fact that some young woman had carried this gallant childhood image of him.

It went pear-shaped when we took a European trip together….he turned out to be incredibly egotistical and an alcoholic.He told the same stories and they weren’t funny after the fifth telling. He got drunk at restaurants and got loud. I was embarrassed. He was spoiled and had hissy fits in the lobbys of posh hotels.

Your basic nightmare. I exited. End of story. End of illusion.

It was a complete letdown.

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I like this question. In my advertising days, I met a lot of well-known people, even got to spend quality time with some of them. What I discovered then, and truly understand now, is that “famous” people, movie people at least, are just people like you and me with special skills and big personas, but sometimes with daily lives not much different from ours. One example: I once had a recording session with an actor named Richard Basehart (Google him if you don’t know the name; he was in several big movies, one directed by Fellini, and did a long-running TV series called “Journey to the Bottom of the Sea.”). He had a wonderful voice, and I was using him to voice a TV commercial. When we finished recording, I asked him what he was doing that evening, thinking I’d buy him dinner. In a somewhat sad tone, he told me that the day was his birthday, and the only thing he planned was to spend a quiet evening alone.

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Natasha Henstridge once sat down next to me at lunch on a movie set (“Ghosts of Mars”). When she looks around realized she was surrounded by random crew, she got up and sat down next to someone higher up on the food chain. It was kind of funny.

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I have heard that Edward Norton is terrible to his fans. My heart broke when I heard this, but I try to stay positive and believe that they don’t know what they are talking about.

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The food biz is full of people who’ve managed to become famous through a combination of moderate culinary talent and heaps of skillful bullshitting.

Decades ago, I managed to get a job at a parisian chocolate shop run by a guy who was even then considered the ultimate authority on all things chocolate (if anything, his reputation has inflated even more since then). I was somewhat starstruck in the beginning, but quickly came to see that, although he did have a great palate, he had no technical grasp of the craft whatsoever. He was all bluff, and depended entirely on his silver tongue and the support of underlings who actually knew what they were doing to maintain his reputation. Oh, and he groped the kitchen staff.

I had very similar experiences with a couple of other culinary demigods, but I’ll just raise my blood pressure if I go on.

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I was disappointed of how much of a dick Roger Waters can be

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Wow, @Harp I wish you had named names!

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*looked *

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yeah, myself.

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I was disappointed that Tiger Woods turned out to be so different from his image.

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Only when I perceive them as not understanding the value of what they have.

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When I was like 12 years old, my father had taken me to a charity event, and john elway was there. I walked up to him with my little football and asked him to sign it, and he told me that it was going to cost me, and he was very rude about it too. That’s when my father found out that I knew not so nice vocabulary. But in conclusion John elway is a douchebag and always will be to my eyes.

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Mickey Avalon. I went to one of his concerts recently.. and saw nothing but him objectifying women.
Not so amazing.

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Mary Tyler Moore was very high strung when I worked on a TV show she starred in. Very high strung. I was disappointed. I thought she’d be a little bit more mellow.

Madeline Kahn, on the other hand, was a jewel. I was shocked when she died. It was too soon.

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I met Prince once and he was a total jerk.

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Why I am not surprised?

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Bob Dylan has, (perhaps purposely,) destroyed his image in recent years.

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YES Johnny Depp said our president at the time was stupid and us americans were stupid for voiting for him. then he tries to take it back. If you don’t like us in America Johnny Depp then STAY IN FRANCE. Afterall we’re the ones that pay to see your damn movies! Not me anymore!

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Harry Beitzel – former AFL umpire and footy commentator: I thought he would be better lookingLOL!
Lots of people I imagined looking much differently than they are: Connie Francis, also. I didn’t think she’d be so dark in hair-eye colour etc.

One who disappointed me was Tiger Woods.
You know… I thought that was all just quite over-the-top.

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Tiger Woods. Again.
Notre Dame University.

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No way…. Not Notre Dame?

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Fred Durst was fatter and shorter in person than I thought he’d be. This was back when his band was cool… not sure what he looks like now. He seemed nice, though.

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I’ve never met a famous dildo. All those I’ve met have been pretty nice and include notables like the boys from Cheap Trick, Gilbert Gottfried, Susan St. James, Bill Murray (he might very well have been a prick but when I mentioned we went to the same college he was quite decent), Michael Keaton, Ginger Lynn et al.

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I’m disappointed every time I see that ridiculous Hannah Montana show. I used to know one of the people on the show, Oliver aka Mitchell Musso, and every time I see him on there I just shake my head.
He has definitely changed from the last time I saw him. Although I think his older brother, who I also knew, has changed the most. I remember back in the day when he wanted to be a pastor. Now he is the lead guitriast in Metro Station. Its disappointing. :/
Not to mention that some of my friends are wildly in love with that band. Ugh.

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@ChazMaz I don’t know about you, but when my beloved Irish invited the president, I was in shock. I’m a devout Catholic (please no comments). When a Catholic university invites someone who has a set of beliefs that contradict the Church, that university basically just supported his beliefs. They made a mistake.

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I get the most disappointed when it comes to writers, because I feel like writing is one of those intensely personal things where you are essentially baring your soul (morals, beliefs, and values) to your readers. I always think beautiful books are written by beautiful souls.

There was one book that really resonated with me, but when I went to a reading the author gave she seemed incredibly bored to be there with her adoring fans (including me). Maybe she was just tired. I don’t know. I didn’t reread that book until about two year later.

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According to my husband, Fred Durst is a dick, and a pansy. Back before he was signed, he set up a local show with his band (that used to be really good), my husband’s, and several other bands. At the end of the night, he took all the door money and refused to pay the other bands. He came very close to having his arse handed to him before he ran away and hid in his van.

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I worked in big event design for a while and worked with and met a few people.

Elton John was really nice. Very gracious.

Stevie Wonder never came out of his trailer. Barely talked to anyone.

Conan O’Brien was great. He came early and hung around and chatted.

Nancy Kerrigen was whiny and cranky. Could not pay attention at meetings.

David Copperfield was very pleasant in the brief time I saw him.

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We once went to pick up James Brown from the airport for a concert. This really tall, impressive lady came through the gate (among bodyguards, musicians and so on). She was holding what seemed to be a little monkey walking on two legs. It was dressed extravagantly in human clothes, and turned out to be the Godfather of Soul himself. The show itself was not too impressive either. The music was far too loud, the show started far too late and there was certainly not much soul in Soul music that night.

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@Maximillian – Yes, I did not like that either. I forgot about that. :-)

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@ChazMaz – I feel for ya mate!
A lesbian; Huh??LOL
..and you were so lookin’ forward to pumping out all those pumpkins with her.
Wot a HUGE letdown when you discovered that!

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OJ Simpson.

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