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I have a Problem with my Gmail Account,I get this error message:The server returned the error: Account exceeded bandwidth limits. (Failure)What should i do?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) January 15th, 2010

I get this error message,The server returned the error: Account exceeded bandwidth limits. (Failure),help please?

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First thing I would do is check the status of the free-space in your inbox. There should be a bar at the bottom of your screen saying how many gigs of space you have used / have left. If that is full, either wait until your size limit goes up (which I think they are still doing daily?) or delete some emails with large attachments that you don’t need anymore.

If space isn’t the problem, then I don’t know what is. Good luck!

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Here is one explanation I found:
“If you are attempting to sync large attachments via IMAP and it continually timesout/retries, this can cause you account to rack up significant usage and subsequently lock you out of IMAP/POP3 for 24 hours.”

You could try the ‘Unlock Captcha’. I’m not sure if it applies, but it’s free and can’t hurt.

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@LC Beta: this is what it says in the bottom:You are currently using 269 MB (3%) of your 7412 MB.

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i tried the unlock captcha but still gives my email programs and iphone the same damn message

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Are you hooked up to a satellite? This year my satellite-based server suddenly put a limit on how many mb I was allowed in a given day. Not many. I’m sure the option of cutting me (and everyone else) off in this way was in the fine print when I signed up, but its onset was sudden, and I think they may have begun to exercise this tactic when they achieved more traffic than they used to have. I’m switching to DSL next week.

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no im not hooked to a satellite,all cable.

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