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Have there been questions you are too ashamed to ask on Fluther?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1510points) January 18th, 2010

Maybe because youve been on here a long time or have friends/family who use Fluther. But have there been a lot of questions that you wont ask on Fluther but go on another site to do so under a different name?

Im guilty of that just this morning…

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I ask them here. I just use a different account.

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I don’t use any other site, but there have been questions I am too ashamed to ask. Luckily, if I wait long enough, someone else will ask the question and I get the benefit of the responses.

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@janbb Very true, time to use the search feature and not feel so bad.

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Oh yes, there’s things that I’ve wanted to ask, but I won’t here. I don’t go to any other site than here, so that’s not an option. So many of my friends here I have on FB, so they know me a little better than just being a squirrel on here, LOL.

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Actually, there are a couple things that I’d like to ask. I don’t think shame is what stops me from asking, but rather an inability to frame the question properly. I know that some have called similar questions inappropriate. And yet, I am very curious about some things and feel that I might get a few useful, honest answers. I never thought of @johnpowell‘s idea of using another account. Maybe I’ll try that some time. In the meantime, I kep a eye out to see if anybody else asks my question. (s)

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Yes, there are some questions I have refrained from asking, mainly very personal questions. I also never thought about the other account thing. so maybe…...........

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@scotsbloke Ask me! I’m all knowing, all seeing…....all BSing….LOLLLL :D

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I would miss all my Lurve if i made another account, plus i love my name its the same as my screen name on AIM =\.

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I just use my other account. I don’t feel that I get the same level on other sites that I get here. So yes I always ask my questions here.

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No, isn’t that funny? Actually, most of those types of questions have already been asked here.

Jellies, they ask so I don’t have to!

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In all the time I’ve been a member of Fluther, I have yet to think up a question that I would be too ashamed to ask here. This isn’t to say I won’t reach that point though and I probably just need a little more time to come up with something really objectionable, embarrassing or downright bizarre.

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Not an issue for me because this site simply doesn’t contain a True Adult section.

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I have a separate account for asking questions that I don’t want associated with my name. Thus far, I only asked one and it was far more personal than I felt like having on my account forever. I think its very cool that the guys allow us to do this because it allows people to be anonymous without having an anonymous feature like some other sites that can be abused.

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Yeah a couple, I’m far too lazy to make a separate account for those though.

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No. There is one question I asked via another poster and it wasn’t out of shame but more to express how I felt about the topic.

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No, I would avoid asking a question because I don’t appreciate the sense of humor of many of my fellow jellies, and if I was asking a serious question, it would be a waste of time.

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Not really i asked some pretty personal stuff on here.

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I love this site because of this reason…I can talk about things and ask about things that I couldn’t with people that I know. Ex: I wrote about difficulty dealing with my grandpa passing away. I do not do well with discussing emotions. But, if I’m discussing with absolute strangers there is an amazing level of comfort. I will never give away my identity on Fluther…it would take away my new found network! It’s great to be able to ask or comment on anything without having face to face feedback!

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