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On this MLK day, what's your opinion of "songified history"?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12532points) January 18th, 2010

Some examples are here and here.

How do you feel about the altering of Dr. King’s speeches in this way? Is it an innovative way to reach a new audience with his message, a disrespect to him, or something else?

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I’m not sure if whatever is in those videos is in the public domain or not, but it is probably covered by fair use. I think it is a creative way to bring MLK into the 21st century. Musicians “cover” others all the time – they take someone else’s work, message, creation and turn it into something new.

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I think if it gets people to listen to these important historical moments, then it is not bad.

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Those are okay, but I like this best. It’s not really MLK made into a song, but rather a song made around his words and teachings.
Plus I love Common.

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I don’t like anybody’s important speeches put to music, or made into a song; it sounds hokey.
One exception: Our Solemn Hour, , which pastes one of Churchill’s radio broadcast in with the rest of the music.
Snazzy orchestral version here

I don’t think much of the non-Churchill lyrics, but these guys are definitely on to something.

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