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Why do you commit your time to moderate?

Asked by warribbons (606points) January 18th, 2010

Here’s a question for all of you moderators, both on Fluther and those who mod elsewhere, why do you commit your time to moderate?

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What? We’re supposed to do something?

No really, ok, I mod when I want to. We don’t have schedules or anything. I’m usually on Fluther after school, taking a break before I actually do some class reading. Also, it’s not like I hunt for things to moderate. If I see something I think shouldn’t be on Fluther, then I remove it. Simple as that.

Auggie and I have this joke (but kind of not a joke since it’s a little true) that I’m the “lazy” or “bad” mod.

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I moderated on another site, and I did it for fun.

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Guess for me it’s just a way to pay something back to the community, kind of like picking up litter in the park. “Keep Fluther Beautiful” sort of thing. Like Allie said, it’s not much of a commitment; we just do it when we can. So I’m glad to do my bit.

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i don’t moderate. but i do regulate.

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~I usually try to sleep eleven hours daily. So that thirteen hours for Fluthering! Once I’ve read every question and new answer that have popped up since I went to bed, I need something else to do.

Modding gives me that something. Otherwise I’d just be refreshing the home page and hanging out in chat.

Gotta keep myself occupied!

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I am in awe of the moderators.
In the words of the great sage/poet Cheech Marin: “Heavy responsablity is really a heavy responsablity!”

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I’m just a simple chat mod. All I do is try to keep things civil and fun. I spend a lot of my free time on the site and have gotten a lot from it. It’s just a way to give a little back and try to help maintain the quality that the site has become synonymous with.

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I enjoy using the Question and Answer sites, and I like the idea that the information will be here for all future users to see. I like to leave a useful legacy, and that requires moderation, since few users have the requisite pride in their entries.

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Moderators don’t like me. I can’t ask any questions. I have things to ask, I need help the same as everyone else.

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@Dibley- Out of the 30 questions you have asked the vast majority of your questions are up and none of us dislike you in the least. On the contrary, rather. :)

To me modding is giving back to a site that has educated me, inspired me and saved my posterior in crisis. I like to help a person clarify their question so that they get the answer they are looking for or start a really interesting conversation.

I also help out because of the annual “Jellies Gone Wild” Fluther Staff Christmas Party. This year Ben and Andrew rented out the whole the Monterrey Bay Aquarium! There are many incriminating photos under lock and key…

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@Dog Sorry, not having the best day in the world today and I am feeling a little irritated. I’m sure your right, though maybe it doesn’t feel like it.

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@Dibley We lurve you! Hope your day gets better.

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@Dog How do you get your little writing, I see the link thing below, but I don’t know how to use it.

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@Dibley Check this out- it is cool!

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Like others have said, it’s a way to give back to a community that has given me so much.

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@Dibley Use the hyphen/dash twice at the beginning and end of the sentence like this, but stuck to the words—This would be small if the dashes were adjacent.—

This would be small if the dashes were adjacent.

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@Dibley but be careful, if you don’t do it right, they all get crossed out

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@Dog It worked!!!

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@Dibley It did! :)

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Also, I hate to ruin @Allie‘s street cred, but she really isn’t a bad mod at all… just a busy one. :)

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@augustlan I don’t know who Allie is?

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@Dibley Hi, I’m Allie. (I also answered this question at the very top. Same Allie.)

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Oh, hi Allie, sorry I didn’t know you.

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