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Does your partner notice when you are wearing a new outfit?

Asked by partyparty (9134points) January 19th, 2010

Does your husband / wife / partner notice when you are wearing a new outfit?

Or could you be wearing a designer outfit, or a sack cloth and they wouldn’t even notice?

What do you do about it if they don’t notice?

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He sure does notice, but he rarely ever says anything. I have accepted that he’s a quiet type, but also understand that he is much more aware of me then I realize. He says he notices my hair, when I change shampoo, make up even socks and undies. He tells me that he loves all the little details about how I look.. ~sigh~ I miss him lots today..

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Eh… I never notice if they notice… Since compliments for clothes have been such a standard frase, that it just blends in..

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yep, the shoulderpads usually give it away. ;)

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Yes, my husband notices a new outfit and comments on it.

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He does notice, sometimes with compliments, sometimes, with critique. And sometimes he thinks it’s a new outfit because he’s forgotten that he’s seen it before.

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He notices when I wear an outfit as I usually don’t put that much thought into my clothing.

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Yes he always notices and I really appreciate that :)

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We notice… When we want something. ;-)

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No, but my partner does notice when I’m wearing no outfit.

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Yes and she better as she buys a lot of what I wear lol!

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I so rarely have a new outfit that it’s very noticeable to everyone I know. But, especially to my sweetie.

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Mmm, I can’t recall any of them ever noticing things like that.

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He certainly does :)

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Yes yes he does. He goes shopping with me :)

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Yea, he does =)

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Strangely I can tell if the Wife got new underwear and she’s still fully clothed because she walks different, you know that “Oooo these fit great” wiggle…

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nope he only notice when I have on new lingerie..i just dont get it

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@curosity_killed_the_cat ; And then he helps you out of it? It sounds like it’s Working!

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When you’ve been married as long as I have, you don’t take chances (or set traps) like that. It’s “Honey, I’m going shopping for a new outfit.” “Look at the new outfit I bought.” “I’m going to be wearing my new outfit tonight.” Then if he doesn’t say anything, I kind of kick his foot and say “You’re supposed to compliment me on my new outfit.” That pretty much works every time.

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my ‘partner’ died 3 centuries ago.

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Ahhhhhhh… @ultimateego ; condolences (((hug))...

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She tends to notice when I wear clothing I haven’t worn for a long time, and when I’ve gotten something new. And I tend to think she’s gotten something new when she just hasn’t worn the item for a long time.

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My partner always notices and comments, which is nice :)

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Well, not as much as I would notice if he were wearing a new outfit. Mostly because he’s not as into clothing as I am. He even admitted that sometimes he just lets his mom buy clothes for him (unheard of for me!) Though I think I have gotten him more interested in it. He definitely loves shopping with me. But he has pointed it out if he likes something new I’m wearing. He said I looked “adorable” in that thin striped white pullover jacket thing I got at Pac Sun. It just so happens to be one of my favorite articles of clothing that I own. :)

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He’d notice. I always inform him when I make purchases, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to him. Sometimes I won’t tell him exactly what I purchased, so it is something surprising for him to see…but that’s different.

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I take my girlfriends advise on some of the new outfits I have gotten :) she has good taste and good wisdom! :-)

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He probably does, but I would have to actually ask him if I wanted to know what he was thinking.

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He notices everything, clothes, hair, nails….everything.

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@shego And does he help you choose your outfit? Do you like his choices?

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@Facade Does he notice without you having to prompt him?

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@phil196662 Love your answer LOLL

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@curosity_killed_the_cat I think he would most certainly notice if you attempted to go out in just your lingerie LOL

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@DominicX Does he help you to choose your outfits?

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@YARNLADY So do you have to prompt him? Do you have to point out you are wearing a new outfit?

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@Dibley You are indeed very fortunate.

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@partyparty What are you wanting your boyfriend to do? I did a fashion show for mine, going through everything in my wardrobes.

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@partyparty yes he does. We have found some really cute hot outfits together. Because if I didn’t take him with me, he would try to be nice and buy me a pair of jeans that cost $100 dollars. So I have been teaching him how to find the deals. :)

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He has actually come to recognize the style that I like. We walked into SkateWorks and he looks at this jacket and says “that’s totally you”. And it totally was. I had actually seen it before he had seen it and was thinking of getting it. :)

Now when we go shopping for clothes we know exactly what to look for.

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@Dibley ; Now you need to Invite some friends over and they bring some things to Show Off too- yes they bring there S/O’s!

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I don’t know if you call it prompt, but when I do ask him if he noticed my outfit, he claims that he did. He just doesn’t see any value in pointing out the obvious.

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@phil196662 No thanks, we just like each other and want each other.

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I can’t remember the last time I had a whole new outfit. Usually it’s just a new top here and there or new shoes (although that is quite rare). I’m not sure if he notices or not. If something is drastically different to anything else I own then I’m sure he does. It doesn’t bother me if he doesn’t notice, he’s not with me for the clohes I wear and he often tells me I look good regardless of whether what I am wearing is new or not.

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Awwwwww, @dibley Me too at times! The Wife and I wil stock the fridge and have a Costume Party and dress-up and bring out the funky stuff that doesn’t leave the house…

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@phil196662 I know those night well. Can’t wait until tonight.

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@Dibley ; sometimes those times are the last straw for a piece of clothing as they get used for foreplay and are removed with scissors piece by piece! Yummm… Have fun!

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