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Why is it so hard to find artistic types who are into fantasy baseball?

Asked by andras (1points) February 29th, 2008
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i dont know but maybe because in general sports and artsy don’t overlap?

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Sports is so time consuming. I imagine an artistic person is already busy with quite a bit of other stuff. Nor to they feel the need to latch themselves onto any team to define who they are.

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I don’t think Frank Frazetta did a lot if sports paintings.

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OK, a little more background. I lead an artistic life (writing, acting, music, etc.) and don’t consider myself a fan or even a supporter of sports culture but I have an overwhelming, even poetic, love for the game of baseball. As an artist so many of the “fun” things I do are relatively high stakes. Most artists are gambling with our lives to some degree so we are always balancing looking for inspiration and looking for remuneration. There is something about baseball that is so low stakes artistically that it is a relief to obsess about it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’ve got an artist friendly fantasy baseball league but it is tough to find other people like myself who want to play.

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I love watching baseball (and one of my regrets about my recent move to Boston is that I moved away from a $6/seat minor league team to a $50+/seat major league team, so going to the ball game every weekend is a much more expensive proposition) but fantasy baseball is just a pile of numbers to me.

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Any artsy people I know are always against major league sports. Maybe its because they were never chosen for teams as children. More people need to be like this, though.

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