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What's the difference between a macbook and a macbook pro?

Asked by jctennis123 (427points) January 20th, 2010

I’m about to buy a mac laptop and I would like to know the differences before I spend more money on a macbook pro.

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Macbook pro is the later generation and more advanced macbook. Features such as the enclosed unibody frame, backlit keyboard, and better specs such as CPU and RAM differentiates the models. I LOVE my mac pro :-) INVEST!!

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I love my 13” MacBook Pro. I purchased it in October and finally after 7 laptops in my life, this is the ONLY computer I’ve ever owned that hasn’t given me a single problem.

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I have a 15.2 Macbook pro but tried a MacBook first. It’s been dropped a couple few times, and the only problem was with the battery. Somehow I ended up with two batteries which I don’t mind at all. Gets a little warm on the bottom, but I don’t regret my decision one iota. It would be an interesting experiment to see if I can find a pc that will run OS X just for kicks. But if this lasts anywhere near as long as my TiBook (which is still in service as a backup) I am one pleased former Micro$oft MCSE.

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@wmspotts You do know right that a 13’’ Macbok Pro is basically a glorified Macbook right?

I say the above because what made the Macbook Pro stand out from other laptops was the dedicated GPU. If you don’t need a graphics card, then get the Macbook. The processors in the Macbook Pro might be a little faster than the processors in Macbooks, but if you aren’t doing anything intensive you won’t even notice. RAM can be upgraded to 8GB in both the Macbook Pro and Macbook, so this doesn’t come into play.

Long story short, the 13’ Macbook Pro is basically a Macbook, hence the low price. The “real” (15’’ and 17”) Macbook Pro’s have graphics cards, so that is what makes them more expensive. If you need the horsepower of a graphics card, drop the extra grand on a Macbook pro. If not, get a Macbook, they are still wonderful machines that will last you many years.

Nevermind, they changed their shit on me.

Based on from what I can tell, you are paying $200 more for a metal Macbook that has an SD card slot and a smaller hard drive when you buy the basic 13’’ Macbook Pro.

If you have the cash, I would get the 15-inch, 2.66GHz version of the Macbook Pro. If not, then either the Macbook or the very basic 13’’ Macbook Pro would do. If you like metal, then get the Pro I guess.

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@TheBlackRanger The Macbook is unibody too, and RAM capacity is the same as the MBP.

Woah woah woah, how long ago did Apple drop the Unibody Aluminum Macbook?

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Typically, the MBP will have better CPU, video, and battery performance as well as offering the larger screen options.

Ultimately, I’d suggest considering what you intend to use the laptop for. Serious about playing games, editing large images in Photoshop, etc? Go MBP.

Want the best portability, lightest weight? Mostly browsing the web or checking email? Then maybe the MacBook is best.

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Also.. My MBP makes me better than my friends who just have the macbook. The guy at the store told me so.

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Macworld says, “You can think of [the Macbook] as a MacBook Pro minus the FireWire port and SD card slot, for $200 less.”

According to Macrumors, the Pro is likely to be updated soon, so current models are not a great buy. They are estimating, take it with a grain of sand, but interesting stuff here:

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Years ago I would have said, “The macbook pro can’t compete in the Olympics.” But I guess that’s no longer true.

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@TheBlackRanger what is enclosed unibody frame?

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@chian The bottom half of the computer is made out of a single piece of stamped aluminum or plastic.

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@chian Exactly. Its sturdy and makes manufacturing more cost efficient.

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i love my macbook pro…

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@TheBlackRanger I think it is butt ugly. I like my last gen MBP so much better. And I can replace my battery ;).

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@ShiningToast Yea i can understand your point. lol Well i can replace my battery too… with a little help from a mac genius, and for a modest fee of course! lol =-D

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@TheBlackRanger, I guess I’m being harsh about it being butt ugly. At first, I really didn’t like them, but they’re starting to grow on me. When my MBP goes, I will get another. Best purchase ever.

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@ShiningToast I totally agree! :-) I have a question, why is RAM so expensive on macs… they charge like the sticks are made out of plantinum or somethin.. Just curious.

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@TheBlackRanger, just don’t buy your RAM from Apple. Get it from some place like

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@robmandu Thats a good idea.. I thought that there was some magical ram or something that only works on apples =\ they make it sound like if you don’t buy the parts from them your computer will blow up or something.

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@TheBlackRanger it won’t make it blow up.. but it wil void your applecare. So if you do buy apple care and have an issue with your computer be sure to take the non-apple ram out before you take it in to the genius bar.

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I thought everyone would be very happy to know that I am writing this from my new macbookpro! I bought it refurbished from the apple store so it was the same price as a regular mac and it has a one year warranty. Thanks everyone!

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My brother had just a regular Macbook and it crashed after about a year.. it completely stopped working.. I have a Macbook Pro… it works perfectly fine except i don’t like the mouse pad.. But that’s my opinion

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