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Could you, would you get used to a Kindle?

Asked by 12_func_multi_tool (803points) January 23rd, 2010

I personally like to save pages to re-read by putting an extra finger between the pages and I love the tactile sensation not only of the wood pulp but the smell and satisfation of turning the page. The new ones could hold 10x my current library no problem. Have you got one? How is that working out?

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I have not got one and I don’t think I could to be honest. Giving up my enjoyment of the quiddity of books is something I’m not ready for and I don’t think anyone should be. A world without the paper book…quite frankly scares me a little :-/

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I bought one and wound up returning it after a week. I hated the page-turning process.

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Honestly, no, probably not. I have used one before. My dad has one (he doesn’t really use it that often). It wasn’t awful, but I just don’t prefer it. I spend too much time staring at screens as it is; I just prefer real books. Call me old-fashioned, but whatevs. There’s just something about a real book. I know people like being able to store multiple books at once, but honestly, I don’t really read multiple books at once.

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I bought my husband one in November for his birthday and he loves it. I haven’t had a chance to even look at it because he always has it with him. I think I will get myself one too! I love the idea of having a whole library in my pocket.

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I love mine, but not for its intended purpose. I load it up with all the PDFs that are assigned reading in school, so I don’t have to print out 100s of pages on paper, and then lug them all around. I also buy my textbooks in Kindle form when possible – lighter backpack, less waste, perfect solution!

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@pdworkin hmmm…yes, I imagine using one for textbooks and what not would be ideal, good point!

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I am holding out for the next generation of Kindles to come out before I buy one, but I use the Kindle for iPhone app to do at least 50% of my reading (and I do a lot of reading.) I have found that I’ve read a lot more in recent months than I normally would, almost exclusively because the book is always with me everywhere I go.

I also have to admit that my dad gave me one of his heavy hardback books to read, and after about two chapters I got fed up and bought the kindle version. After that I sped right through it!

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It’s not a Kindle but I was given a Sony Reader for Xmas (It’s the same sort of thing minus the wireless and qwerty keyboard).
I am a heavy reader (and by that I mean I read a lot, not that I’m heavy, although I am heavy but it’s definately someone else’s fault, anyway I digress…..)
I think the Ebook reader/Kindle concept is such a great idea. I can now carry around hundreds of books with me on the memory cards (up to 32gig), I can bookmark them all if I want to so can be halfway through them all and it’ll remember my place. I’m probably more likely to read books I would’nt neccessarily buy. On the internet there are literally thousands of books available free, and legal too, these are books I wouldnt buy in paperback or whatever, but I might read them now they are available to me free, and I can pop them on my reader.
I can read PDF, RTF, TXT, BBeB EpuB and Microsoft Word files, listen to MP3’s using headphones even while reading and even look at pictures (in B/W)
It will NOT stop me reading “Physical” books, and if I see one I wanna read in a store, second hand shop or whatever I’ll buy it – but I see it as opening up a range of new material for me and it has convenience working for it too..
So, Yes, I’,m already getting used to it.

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I love books. The feel, the smell, writing my own little notes in the margins. I like to pull out 10 books on the same topic and sprawl out on my living room floor and compare one author’s version of the Black Plague to another’s.

I would love to get an e-book reader like the Kindle or the Sony Reader. I don’t know which, as I’ve not done the research, but the possibility of carrying a library in my pocket book just in case I have some waiting around to do whilst out and about is very, very tempting.

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I ABSOLUTLY LOVE kindle! I have it for iPhone and it is fantastic! I don’t ever want to touch real paper again. =D The real kindle reader is also a nice piece of hardware and the backlighting and long battery life makes it very nice to have around on long rides or trips and it’s just so 21st century. Highly recommend any variation of the Kindle technology.

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I want one soooo badly!

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I have also been a diehard “real book” lover. For Christmas Santa got me the Kindle 2. I am a total convert now!
The Kindle is quite a pleasure. I can commute to work with a TON of books to delight in at once. You can also get sample chapters of thousands of books, and it has encouraged me to branch into areas of knowledge that I would not have bothered with if I had, say, gone to a bookstore or library. The brand new books are only $9.99. It reads much like a real book, not like reading on your computer. It has a feature for you to add your own notes and make your own bookmarks. You have wireless access to at all times. A new book is only a small click away!
I thought that I loved the actual books, but I have learned that what I love more is
plain ole READING! I adore my Kindle, and have bought one for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day birthday, too. Reading is such a blessing, so enjoy it any way you prefer, but I do encourage you to go to the amazon website and see their short
walkthrough of the kindle 2. It’s a great little electronic. Oh, and if you get tired of reading you can listen to your book by choosing it’s audio feature!!

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Didn’t like the Kindle, but I do like the concept of an e-reader and am anxiously waiting for the next gen to start hitting the market shortly.

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I’m a book lover too, but I imagine I’ll get an e-reader at some point. I can see the advantages of them in some instances like being able to load several books on it before a long trip. I hope they don’t totally replace book publication within my lifetime.

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I don’t know how that’s going to go for me. I like going back and forth and checking stuff. I have pages and pages of notes from my Wheel of Time series, and I have to thumb through to find stuff when it “hits” me…
I have been planning on trying one out though. I wonder about things like glare on the screen and seeing the type from an angle…
One of these days I’ll get to find out.

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I’ve had my Kindle for just about 2 weeks now. I resisted getting one for a long time but I’m quickly learning to love it. I already have over 50 books on it and I’m currently using it between 2 to 4 hours a day, on average. I still miss a book in my hands sometimes but the Kindle has so many features that it is hard not to completely enjoy. It’s going to come in very handy too on my upcoming deployment for 6 months.

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hmmm I might have just been convinced to have a look at one of these little things!

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There is no glare issue with the Kindle, and that was majorly important to me since I have cataracts and glare makes reading in strong light practically impossible for me.

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I got the Kindle 2 and I love it. It’s so thin it fits into my purse. You can download books easily from wherever you’re sitting. The downloads are extremely reasonable in price. Usually 6.99 or 9.99. I didn’t think the page-turning process was a problem. All you do is push a button, and there’s one on the right and left side about the same place your thumb would be if you’re holding the Kindle anyway. If you need to back up a page to re-read something, push a button. If you want the print to be bigger or smaller, you push a button. You don’t lose your place in the book. It automatically holds your place where you left off. I haven’t really even looked too much into the other things it’ll do because I’ve bought a few books that I’d like to get through first, but I did buy the Kindle Short-cut book for a quarter. It also holds the charge for a long time. I might charge mine once a week. I do wish it had an internal light so you could read when it’s dark, but that’s my only issue with it. And as @wisdomtooth said, you can choose the audio feature, so if there’s a book you’re reading and can’t wait to hear what’s next, you can listen to it on the way to or from work while you in the car on the way home.

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I am basically a luddite, so I oppose the new technology.
I like making notes in books, and I like natural lighting for reading, not a computer screen, so I would probably avoid this.
but it does look cool.

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I don’t have a Kindle but I have another ereader. I find I use both it and paper-books these days. It is easy to carry around, which is a bonus, and the e-ink is surprisingly pleasant to read. It does not feel like I am reading a screen when I read it, it’s somewhere between a traditional book and a computer.

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I don’t want a Kindle or other e-reader, but I do have the iPhone Kindle on
my phone. I can’t see me using it for extended reading. That said, I’ve been an audiobook listener for years when Audible was new. I love it, it let’s me enjoy books and still do other things like knit or other crafts.

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I am incapable of reading without annotating at the same time. It is congenital. I also get eyestrain from reading too much online.

Plus another gadget to plug in, charge, upload to, try not to lose or drive over it with my car. No thanks. Additionally, Milo occasionally likes to eat the corners of real paper pages.

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I too use the computer on a daily basis so staring at an electronic gadget for any length of time (however great the anti-glare factor) just doesn’t appeal to me. Also, I would prefer to hold a soft book in my hands over a hard plastic object. I usually keep the books I purchase and reread them often, or donate them to libraries, but I do see the charm for others in saving a few trees and enjoying a new electronic device which offers immediate access to all kinds of literature. I think a lot of people use them when they travel a lot and want to read a lot. Saves space.

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Can you get textbooks in Kindle form? If you could electronically “rent” a book for a semester that would be awesome

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If somebody gave me one with free access to books, I might consider it.

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Sheesh! Whadda cheapskate! ; )

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I got one about 1 year ago, ended up giving it to my wife. I didnt like the experience she does like it alot tho.

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@CaptainHarley I prefer ‘frugal’ but yes I do not waste money on things I have no use for.

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LOL! Fair enough. : )

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