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A question for all you Chipotle lovers out there...

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) January 23rd, 2010

When you eat at Chipotle, have you ever ordered a beer to drink while you eat your meal?

They sell a few different beers inside, and it occurred to me, that I never bought a beer there, even though I like beer, but just go there for the food.

Burger King has announced something about a casual dining restaurant it plans to open where a server will wait on you, and you can order budweiser to drink with your meals.

Just curious.

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No, because it isn’t available in the area I live in…and probably never will be.

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They don’t serve beer at Chipotle near me (Massachusetts).

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I’m a Chipotle™ lover from a too-short visit to Madison, Wisconsin a couple of years ago. We don’t have any near me, although I understand there are some in Connecticut—maybe one of these days…

But I’m not a beer drinker. In fact, I had beer for the second time in my life just a year ago—in China. The only other thing they had to drink at our dinner that night was a really potent white lightning.

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I just tried Chipotle for the first time last week and I loved it!, but I don’t think that they sell beer at the one near me either. Which is odd because they have beer at Chuckie Cheese and not there! Odd very odd.

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No clue what this (from what I gather) food chain is but sounds delicious… where do I get some???

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@sevenfourteen What state do you live in? If you don’t mind me asking, but I’m trying to hook you up with some good burritos!

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They sell beer, no I haven’t ordered it, and about 75 percent of the time my burrito is lukewarm…otherwise a great place to eat for not a lot of money.

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I love Chipotle like a fish loves water. Never gotten beer there though. That’s not really weird for me though since I don’t drink as it is.

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I wonder if you can get the beer in the drive-thru, since open container laws would complicate that.

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Sadly, no Chipotle in my state.

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@casheroo there’s one on City Line Avenue, not far from you. near Channel 10 and Target. and warrington. and soon – walnut street.

i have gotten beer at chipotle. not all of them have licenses. but some also have margaritas too.

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It I were eating in then I might, just depends on my mood. Uhm… Chipotle, they seriously need to deliver.

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In Washington DC and MD, the Chipotle restaurants do not have a liquor license.

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No. Chipotle is only a couple of blocks from where I live, so I (occasionally) get a meal there as a take-away and have it at home where I have my own bevvies!

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I don’t eat fast food. I do like beer, however.

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I can vouch for how much @PnL loves Chipotle.

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I’ve never had it.

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Chipotle is not fast food.

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chipotle is the manna talked about in the Bible.

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Chipotle is good, especially if you’re in a place where it’s otherwise difficult to get a good burrito. I’ve never seen beer sold at Chipotle (at the random east coast locations I’ve visited). I would totally get a beer, though, if they were available.

Gordo’s burritos in the Bay Area is even better, though. :D It’s been my benchmark for burritos ever since my first one. (basically, if you ever visit, try a Gordo’s burrito if you like Chipotle)

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In Virginia they have beer in Chipotle and just about everywhere else. You can get beer and wine at the 7–11, the grocery store, and they have specialty wine stores everywhere. It blows that in DC and Maryland most places don’t have a liquor license and you have to get all take-home alcohol from the liquor store. I have to say, a Tecate or a Corona with lime goes great with some chipotle. Damn, now I am really craving this.

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@eponymoushipster Bah! My post came out wrong. Already told you that though lol

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@casheroo i know. but it’s too late for me to change mine now, too. haha. ohwell.

Two FYIs that some might know about Chipotle

1) you can get quesadillas made for you with the meat, etc., even though they only show up on the kids’ menu. just ask.

2) they will make you two or even one taco, if that’s all you want. you don’t have to buy 3.

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I’ve never gotten a beer or margarita at Chipotle. I swear I’ve seen it offered here (Minnesota), although I may just be thinking about Noodles. I don’t know if anyone I know has gotten one there either actually… hmm…

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“Chipotle is the manna talked about in the Bible.”

I pretty much agree. Now that they opened one up in Palo Alto, it’s even easier for me to go all the time… :P

I love it.


I was not aware of that, but I probably would never order beer there because I don’t really like beer. I drink it at parties, but that’s different, okay? :)

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I was all excited when Chipotle opened a store here last month. I even waited in line outside in the cold for an hour for a free burrito at their grand opening. Some of their beans are organic, and they use non-BGH dairy. Then I learned their pinto beans are unnecessarily non-vegetarian, they won’t carry the fake meat they have at their other locations, and the burritos are always cold. I’m going back to being a Moe’s fan.

I would, however, be likely to get a beer or margarita with my burrito if I’m ever there again.

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@simpleD ive never had a cold burrito there. and ive never seen a “fake meat” option at any chipotle…and ive lived in 4 states that have them.

where was the one that had “fake meat”?

as for Moe’s – one, i don’t like being yelled at when i walk in. by 30 people no less. and, two, they’re more expensive for less food. and their guac is nasty.

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@eponymoushipster: I overestimated the availability of the fake chicken. It’s only in testing at one location, in Washington D.C. Moe’s does have tofu, however, and none of their products, with the exception of the meat itself, has any meat-based content. As for price/pound, Moe’s burritos are substantially larger than Chipotles, and they include chips and salsa. By the time Chipotle charges for the extras (like lettuce and tomato), you pay about the same, and don’t get the chips.

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@simpleD the only thing chipotle charges for that’s extra is guac. lettuce, cheese, salsa, etc is included. as for Moe’s, i wasn’t satisfied with it the times i’ve been there. and, as i said earlier, the guac is gross. it’s like neon green.

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@hipster: Do you think they make that guac fresh each day at each location? Like maybe they have a corporate recipe and it just ends up tasting the same all over the country?
I’d like to believe so (for all your sake) but I’m guessing it arrives on a truck in a vacuum sealed bag.

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@breedmitch nope, afaik, they make it in the store. it’s part of their deal.

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