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Painful stomach issues?

Asked by Violet (6574points) January 24th, 2010

Today, I had what I thought was severe menstrual cramps, but the pain kept moving. It was all over my lower abdomen, but was most painful in what felt like my ovaries.
It lasted for hours. About 6 hours later, I am very bloated, belching, nauseous, and having what I call, death gas.
There is not a chance I am pregnant, I eat pretty healthy. I have been having constipation issues and this death gas for some time now.
So before I go to my doctor, I was wondering what this could be, and what I can do about.

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Is it almost time for your period?

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@liliesndaisies yes (but the constipation and gas happens all the time)

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Not sure of what you have there but I had very painful menstrual cramps for so long that it felt like i was giving birth. So I went to the doctor and they saw this Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that might have caused the pain. They recommended the usual birth control pills to regulate the flow and to lessen and get rid of the pain.

But i did not have the same pain all the time (unlike yours).

Does your period come on time? or is it irregular?

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My period is always on time. There are many reasons I am not on birth control, but it is not an option for me. I will go look up PCOS before I go to bed. Thank you

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trapped wind does this to me.. it can be excruciating!!

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The moving pain is from gas build-up. Constipation and bloating generally can come from a medication that you’re on, but most commonly it comes from not drinking enough water, not enough fiber, or a diet too high in dairy.

Eating oatmeal in the morning really helps. You can fix a big batch of steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts at the beginning of the week, and reheat batches of it all week long. Or keep packets at work and eat it as a mid-day snack. If you get constipated, taking 2 Ducolax will help, and does not have the same consequences as other products. But only use when needed. Water consumption is really very important, too.

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Sounds like gallstones.

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15mg of Senna every evening works for me best

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Trapped gas can hurt more than labor pains!

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Whats on your food schedule? some foods, including milk, can give you loads of painful gas. if you wear a belt too tight, painful gas. this might help and its simple to do. buy some beano or gasx. next time before you eat anything, take the tablets as directed. if your problem is gas, beano or gasx will cure the problem.

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have you been drinking a lot of coffee? last week i had a few serious issues dealing with coffee…i started drinking a lot of it and it tore up my stomach, it was so painful. and then do to that and maybe the combination of it and something else, i had really horrible bloating and gas and it felt like someone had punched me right below the sternum. if its anything like that, i say avoid what you’ve been eating/drinking if its something out of the ordinary.

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A regular diet for me would be: coffee with milk, an apple, Activia yogurt, chicken salad, and then who knows what for dinner.
@john65pennington I only wear work out clothes.. very comfortable.

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@deni I have a regular amount of coffee every morning, and I have been doing this for years.
@PandoraBoxx I’m not a fan of oatmeal, but if it helps, I will try it.
I drink a ton of water.

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I myself for the last couples of years have been having stomach issues, but with the description that you give above, it could be many different things. I for one had very similar symptoms to yours. but no that i have had different types of pains, and different diagnostics, every time i have a pain, i know exactly where it is coming from. The first thing that i would think that you have is just a regular ovarian cysts, yes, they are very common, and natural too, every women has them, but just some peoples are painful, for example, it could be a cyst that is pretty big and is pushing or hurting something else in your body, or it could be a ruptured cyst that needs to be taken care of right away, my other and last guess is Interstital cystitis. you can look it up for yourself and see if the symptoms fit.

hope you feel better. and i know what you are going through is horrible

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I’m also learning from this post of yours, Violet. I should try oatmeal in the morning. I guess i did not want to do anything about it except for a facial.

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Don’t speculate, go see a doctor.

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Perhaps some food is building a gas bubble , it leaves your stomach and as it goes through your digestion it is still actively producing more gas volume so as it travels you feel the bubble more and more. Remember to drink plenty of water and if it happens during your period take some ginger to settle your stomach and also have some peppermint tea to aide digestion.

A sure sign of gas is when it come out below- is it lots of air?

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I don’t know about the gas, that may be unrelated, or the gas may be the result of your straining due to the pain. But you’re describing the symptoms of kidney stones or gall stones. Do you have blood in your urine? Or in your stool?

You should see a doctor immediately. While such stones aren’t life-threatening, the doctor can give you a presription painkiller such as hydrocodone (Lortab).

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@HungryGuy no blood, and I’d rather take Tylenol, than a prescription with codeine

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The fact that there’s no blood doesn’t necessarily rule out stones, but makes them less likely. Still, best to see a doctor without delay.

I can understand being fearful of codeine. But when taken according to the prescription schedule, it’s an effective and safe painkiller. It’s only addictive and harmful when abused. And it’s one of the few painkillers that will mitigate severe internal organ pain such as from stones.

And actually, I question the safety of acetaminophen (the active ingredient in such as Tylenol). Just don’t EVER mix a painkiller based on acetaminophen with a different-based painkiller such as ibuprophen (Motrin IB)! But if Tylenol works for you, and you take it in moderation and according to the directions, then stay with it :-)

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