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Durham, Nottingham, Sheffield, York, Bristol; at which University should I study MChem? (UK)

Asked by The_Idler (9613points) January 24th, 2010

Probably the most difficult decision of my life so far.

I would be grateful for anything, from lots of details about specific places, to summaries of pros/cons, to suggestions about places to visit.

What are the cities like & what are the universities like?

It will almost certainly be either Durham, Sheffield or Nottingham, but I’d like to hear about the others, too.

If I go to Nottingham or Durham, my placement year will be either in Singapore or Hong Kong; if I go to Sheffield, it will be in Japan.

Please do not say “go where you want”, or similar. I have trips planned to visit each city&uni, but I’d like some fresh & external opinions & knowledge.

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Durham, Bristol and York are all great, lively cities – I lived in Bristol for two years and loved it and the surrounding countryside. I know Durham has a great reputation as a university; only a step down from Oxbridge. As far as which is best for your program, I have no idea.

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I’m from York and both the University and the City are great. York Uni is very good for the sciences, the University itself is a bit weird looking, like some far flung alien city in Star Trek. Here’s a picture

The City itself is good too, a small but vibrant city with a very creative vibe, lots of artists and musicians and writers and the like. It’s also got great rail connections, under 2 hours to both London and Edinburgh, Leeds in less than half an hour on the train too. I really miss living in York, it’s just such a damn good looking city you can’t help but feel lucky to live there when you are walking her streets.

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@RareDenver Thanks, I wasn’t really considering York, as I’ve heard it is very expensive?
how much is a pint of ale? (priorities, my man!)

thanks for the description though, I would like somewhere with a lively creative scene, as I enjoy art and music, plus Chemistry is just a little dry =P

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@The_Idler like anywhere the price of a pint varies, my mate used to work at one of the university bars and they were real cheap there, maybe £1.30 or something, there are loads of pubs in York though, it’s quite famous for it. Before they expanded the city limits about ten years ago there were exactly 365 pubs in York !!

The Kings Arms by the river is very popular and very cheap, it also floods quite regularly and the landlord will often stay open, it’s fun to go there for a pint in your wellies. Just up the river from there is The Lowther very popular with students and as you would expect has plenty of drinks offers on all the time. There are nice bars like dusk ,The Evil Eye Lounge and Victor J’s

York Brewery also has several pubs that serve great real ale and have decent guest beers.

You will definitely find something to suit your taste and pocket.

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I studied in Manchester at the now defunct UMIST for my Chemistry doctorate and it a fantastic city. There is a great creative scene, a great range of bands, lots of acitivty. It is a great academic hub and I would really recommend it.

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All are good ones,but I’d go for Notts or York when Chemistry is concerned.Some of my buddies who did their masters from the above Universities and doing well in research projects across the world.

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