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Ok the cough from hell is here have had it 2 days no longer want it anyone out there with a naural cure? Read ginger is good so far no luck?

Asked by luv2tap2 (1points) January 25th, 2010

what quiets a cough!!

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The cough is a symptom. Perhaps you should consult a doctor, and not Fluther, about the underlying condition that is causing your cough.

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Put Vicks Vapo Rub on feet and then cotton socks. Old Wive’s Tale – but it worked for my husband and my aunt.

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Mucinex DM! Forget that natural cure stuff. (See, I said stuff, not crap. I can too be nice if I want to!) Mucinex is a huge dose of Guaifenesin, like 600 mg. The DM is what shuts up your cough, Dextromethorphan, and it’s like 80 mg. You will NOT cough. I swear by this stuff. I hate to cough, I literally get angry when I cough. Sorry, nothing in nature will do that for you unless you have a really good knowledge of herbs, and you’d still have to be able to go out and scrape tree bark or something. Like, I heard cherry tree bark is good for cough. Yeah, good luck with that.

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Two days for a cough isn’t all that long, but if you have other symptoms and don’t think the cough is caused by post nasal drip, you should see a doctor.

@autumn43 is right about the Vicks on the bottom of your feet. A friend told me about that, and I tried it. I had a cough that was driving me crazy at night, constantly having that tickly feeling in the back of my throat. The Vicks works, but I don’t know how when it’s all the way down there on your feet.

A few weeks ago I came down with a bad cold that included a cough. We were out of Vicks, but someone had given us a big jar of raw honey for Christmas. I’d read something about raw honey working better for a kid with a cough than cough medicine, so I had a spoonful of that before I went to bed. I also took Nyquil. I don’t know which of the two worked, but I slept like a champ. And man was that honey yummy!

If you decide to get some cough medicine, my mother in law swears by Delsym.

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@Trillian , skip the mucinex and just get the dextromethorphan—- much cheaper and it’ll stop the cough. Unless you need to cough up some mucus, there’s no need for the mucinex.

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I quit smoking a couple months ago, so I still have a lot of mucus. I didn’t think about it, just took it for granted that @luv2tap2 did as well.

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tea with honey soothes the throat if it’s raw from coughing. The honey is the important part

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Ahh, I just recovered from the cough from hell. I had it for two solid weeks. Breathing steam infused with ginger and thyme eased the cough and helped me sleep. At one point, that was the only thing that worked.

I hope you feel better soon!

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