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What is a vegan candy available in stores?

Asked by Supacase (14563points) January 26th, 2010

We are putting M&Ms in the valentines that my daughter is giving her classmates, but one boy is vegan and I don’t want to leave him out. What options do I have? Skittles maybe? Smarties?

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Last I checked sugar cane, corn syrup and fructose came from vegetable sources. I would think the possibilities would be endless. I’d be more worried about the dies from the chemical plant. Now that stuff isn’t fit for human consumption. Unless of course you’re a maniacal leprechaun…magically deadly delicious

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There are actually quite a few. Smarties, Now and Laters, Jolly Ranchers, Mamba, Swedish Fish and Sweet Tarts are the ones I know for sure. Here’s a more complete list.

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carob, carob, carob

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Dark chocolate that doesn’t contain any milk is a great vegan option.

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I was offended ‘till I saw screen name. How about the little date pellets?

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@12_func_multi_tool Yuck that too. But pretty much everything else at the bulk area of the health foods store. Were you, like, brought up on the stuff? I know I love spinach, broccoli and carrots because that pretty much all I ate as a baby. I would understand you liking carob and dates if you ate it all the time since you were little. Otherwise…yuck. Sorry :)

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Jelly Bellies. Unless you avoid beeswax

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I’m not sure if a 4 y/o would like dark chocolate. My daughter likes it sometimes, so maybe – especially since he’s never had milk chocolate.

Lots of good suggestions in your link @forestGeek. I could have done without the extra info on pepsin, though. It may do the opposite of settling my stomach from now on.

Thanks everyone!

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What’s a little kid doing being a vegan?

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@forestGeek I don’t think swedish fish are vegan—most gummy product aren’t. You also have to make sure that the sugar used in them is vegan as well.

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@andrew – you’re right, but there actually are a few gummy type candies that don’t use gelatin. Sour Patch Kids, Dots, Jujyfruits and Swedish Fish are some of the more well known. As for the sugars they use in these, I’m not quite sure though PETA claims these are vegan.

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@Nullo Beats me. I suppose his parents are? They always send a comparable treat if someone is sending in cupcakes or something for a party or birthday. The teacher said the other kids are really understanding and it hasn’t been a big deal. My daughter asks me a lot of questions about it b/c her babysitter is also vegan.

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@forestGeek I stand corrected! Thank you!

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