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How do I break into keeping books for small businesses?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) January 29th, 2010

When I owned my own business I became proficient in QuickBooks, which is a book keeping program designed for small businesses. My account said that knowledge and skill would allow me to start my own business someday, keeping books for other small businesses, but I would have no idea where to start.

Like, would it have to be local businesses only, where I’d go around picking up the receipts and cash for the day or they’d bring them to me? Or….I don’t know! I guess I don’t know how to specify what I’m asking. Is there someway this can be done on line? If so, how?

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Well the kind of service you’re thinking of doesn’t really exist as such; small businesses either run their own accounts or get an accountant.

That may mean that there is no market for people such as yourself, or it may mean that there’s a hole in the market waiting to be filled by someone just like you.

Good luck with it, and hopefully one day I’ll be seeing your name on the rich list!


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Actually, the term that may be used for what you’re describing is – Bookkeeping.

You go to small businesses and offer to keep their Books up-to-date, and easier with the use of QuickBooks, which you already know. Typically, you take-on an undertaking on a retainer basis.

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@njnyjobs Thanks. That’s kind of what I thought. It really would have to be a local kind of deal. Well, I’ll look around. Thanks! Thanks @EdMayhew

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@Val123, Hehehehe. I think it’s funny that you write “breaking into” and “small business” in the same sentence. ;-)

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Most Community Colleges have two year programs in bookkeeping.

I would be really careful if you pursue this. It is one thing to mess up your own books, it is entirely different if you fuck up the books for another business. Get a lawyer.

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@johnpowell I understand what you’re saying but it’s just data entry, not rocket science! My books were fine (not just according to me, but according to my accountant and various and sundry loan officers)...unlike the books of others I’ve seen that just left me stunned at the incompetence of whomever kept them.

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