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Does anybody know of university research projects with which I could become involved?

Asked by zarnold (690points) January 31st, 2010

I’m studying political science and computer science, and would love to find a research project which would draw upon my classroom experience in both fields. I’m not really looking for pure CS work (more of an application of it) so if anybody knows of specific projects or a way to find them I would be really appreciative. Thanks!

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Have you talked to your professors about this? People directly tied to your school would probably have the best responses.

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Before I read your discussion, I was going to ask you if you wanted to help me sort through battleship blueprints.

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@Likeradar – Gave the answer I was going to. It helped me out when I did.

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Talk to professors at your university whose recent research interests you and offer your services. I did that repeatedly and much of my research experience ultimately came as a result of such early approaches.

Do your research on the researchers before approaching them! This is easy but critical.

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If your profs aren’t as helpful as they could be, googling “Political Science and Computer Science research” might point you at some professors at other schools who do interdisciplinary work in those fields. Go to various professors web sites and look at what research they’re doing. If it looks interesting, email them and ask if there are research opportunities available. Be up-front about how you’d like to participate – say you’re looking for an internship or they may assume you’re looking to do a PhD or Masters with them.

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