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Is it true that a 'goat headed dog' is created by using biotechnology?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) January 31st, 2010

Or that is just a rumor?. I know Biotechnology can play and manipulate living DNA,it can even create mutant,cross-breeding different creature,or something like that. Is it true/possible that a ‘goat headed dog’ really exist through Biotechnology?.

(Some people believe that. They just can’t explain).

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How do you know it’s not just a dog bodied goat?

Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m no bioscientist, however, but from my hs bio class, I think it could feasibly occur. I’m just not sure if it has yet.

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It’s possible. DNA is DNA. However, I don’t think such a project could be done in the blink of an eye. I imagine, based on where we are currently in DNA related fields, a dog headed goat would take years of experimentation and study.

Or maybe the information I know is dated?

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Sure but have you seen the dog?

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[In light of SeventhSense’s response] So it will takes years of experimentation.

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Did you get this question from answerbag?

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SOILENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!! Wrong movie but what did Sutherland say in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He must have had one classic line when he saw that dog

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@SeventhSense So unbelievable…! But funny!.

@DrBill Actually that’s my old answer in AB(since no one response to this question).

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There is no goat-headed dog possible at this point in time.

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@marinelife How could you know?. Biotechnology might has the answer. Remember the result of experimentation ‘tomato-potato plant’,in which tomato plant on the top and potato plant on the bottom of the plant. both combined as one single(or new species) plant.
That’s happened through Biotechnology. So why this creature is not possible to exist?.

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@Doctor_D Our knowledge of cloning and gene splicing is not yet advanced enough to create a combo mammal yet.

This is about where the technology is right now.

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@marinelife Glow in the dark cats are a bit more recent. :)

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@SeventhSense Have you checked the basement for pods? @Doctor_D because with very few exceptions, mammals are not vegetables.

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@Trillian Of course I know that. Even a child can differentiate animal from vegetable.
I just want to know the possibility of such gene manipulation. I took the ‘tomato-potato plant’ as an example(or fact) to prove the possibility of such gene manipulation.

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I’m not an expert in Biotechnology but I believe it is possible. Someday. Maybe.

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A goat-headed dog? That’s insane. I’ve only heard about the dog-headed goat.

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@AstroChuck I saw your question earlier. I think I even responded to it. I was wondering but didn’t know if it was appropriate to ask; How can an eight year old be married?~

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@Trillian I think you’re off topic.

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@Trillian- That’s a six year old…

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@AstroChuck (snicker) my bad.

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I’m not sure if it could be done, that would be cool though, but scary at the same time.

@Spinel – DNA may be DNA, but Karyotypes are very specific.

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I want to have a goat’s head. :(

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