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What interesting or funny anagrams can be found in the words

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 1st, 2010

I know I was bored okay roll with it. Humour me with how many different words or indeed phrases you can come up with. Quite tricky seeing as though there aren’t many letters to work with. Best I came up with was chef lot rum.chum for let.cloth fur me.he form cult. my favourite so far is cometh lurf. Okay with the spelling of lurve? It still kind of works though.

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chum let fro.

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Cleft Humor
Mulch Forte
Cloth Femur
Chum Floret
Much Floret
Torch Flume
Chef Lot Rum
Fetch Lo Rum
Clef Ohm Rut
Clef Hum Tor
Clef Hum Ort
Clef Hum Rot
Clef Hot Rum
Clef Tho Rum
Clef Thru Om
Clef Hurt Om
Cleft Hum Or
Cleft Ho Rum
Cleft Oh Rum
Cleft Rho Mu
Cleft Rho Um
Lech Fort Mu
Lech Fort Um
Lech Oft Rum
Lech Turf Om
Lech Fur Tom
Lech Fur Mot
Chert Flu Om
Retch Flu Om
Tech Furl Om
Etch Furl Om
Rec Loft Hum
Rec Flu Moth
Mulch Ref To
Mulch Re Oft
Loch Fret Mu
Loch Fret Um
Loch Em Turf
Loch Me Turf
Loch Met Fur
Cloth Ref Mu
Cloth Ref Um
Cloth Em Fur
Cloth Me Fur
Churl Em Oft
Churl Me Oft
Churl Met Of
Lurch Em Oft
Lurch Me Oft
Lurch Met Of
Chum Elf Tor
Chum Elf Ort
Chum Elf Rot
Chum Felt Or
Chum Left Or
Chum Ref Lot
Chum Fret Lo
Chum Let For
Chum Let Fro
Chum Re Loft
Much Elf Tor
Much Elf Ort
Much Elf Rot
Much Felt Or
Much Left Or
Much Ref Lot
Much Fret Lo
Much Let For
Much Let Fro
Much Re Loft
Torch Elf Mu
Torch Elf Um
Torch Em Flu
Torch Me Flu
Mulct Ref Ho
Mulct Ref Oh
Mulct Eh For
Mulct Eh Fro
Mulct He For
Mulct He Fro
Mulct Her Of
Colt Ref Hum
Colt Hem Fur
Clot Ref Hum
Clot Hem Fur
Curl Heft Om
Curl Hem Oft
Curl Them Of
Cult Ref Ohm
Cult Eh From
Cult Eh Form
Cult He From
Cult He Form
Cult Hem For
Cult Hem Fro
Corm Elf Hut
Corm Felt Uh
Corm Left Uh
Corm The Flu
Cum Felt Rho
Cum Left Rho
Cum Ref Loth
Cum Her Loft
Cot Helm Fur
Cot Hem Furl
Curt Elf Ohm
Curt Helm Of
Cur Elf Moth
Cur Felt Ohm
Cur Left Ohm
Cur Helm Oft
Cur Hem Loft
Cut Helm For
Cut Helm Fro
Clef Uh Mr To

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Mother fluc

I just can’t shake this feeling someone visited an anagram website?

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@Supacase Yeah kinda defeats the purpose but what can you do. Assumed spontaneous answers, silly of me really. Although I did ask for interesting examples not bland making up the numbers nonsense. For the record your answer is very good cheers.

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See, I never even thought of such a thing. There is an actual anagram website? I feel better. Much of terl.

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They were brothers—Cult from He and Cut for Helm. They were also rivals for the hand of Cum her Loft. It was obvious from the beginning since Cum her Loft was both a name and a destination. The rivalry had been going on for… forever it seemed. So a joust had been set for the next evening.

“You’ll never lurch me oft,” bragged Cut for Helm.
“Yeah,” said Cult from He. “When I’m done with you, you’ll be loch me turf!”

The braggadocio went on for a prodigious amount of time. So much so, that the Cur Elf Moths were out and most of the audience had departed for their dinners.

Chef Lot Rum had prepared a feast for the two combatants. As usual, he had poured a liberal amount of rum in the food, and thus they fell asleep at the dinner table.

The next day, the torch elf ums lit one side of the field and the torch elf mus the other. Both warriors were resplendent in their cloth me furs with cult for hem.

Cum her Loft sat demurely on the sidelines in a voluminous robe decorated with much floret. What no one knew was that she had decidedly different plans for her future.

The two warriors came to bow before her. The action was short and swift. Withdrawing a sword secreted beneath her robe she rapidly executed a cleft ho rum and a cleft hum or, dispatching the two young men before the page could even fetch lo rum.

Grabbing the helm cut for Cult from He, Cum her Loft pulled herself up on a horse and lit out for the town of Much Elf Ort, where her lover lived; riding as fast as a Cur Elf Moth dies in an em flu torch.

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@wundayatta I bow and humble myself before your genius. I bask in your reflected glory. I want nothing more than to shelter in your cleft rho um. Hold me, rock me, and lurch me oft, ere I cum herl oft.
HA! I got away with that one didn’t I?
Cum herl oft. That’s hilarious.

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Um, @Trillian Does that mean you liked it?

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@wundayatta Loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Cum herl oft makes me think of a guy in a bar trying to mac on a girl…“Come here often?” Some of the other threads today are so…adversarial. This one is a nice lightening of mood.

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@Trillian that is one thing I miss here. The chance to do creative stuff, and to be a bit light-hearted. My heart needs a lot of lightening. Especially today. But on most days, too. I hope that fewer days will be like that as I go forward.

You see, it is hard to keep me from being serious. I revert to form, so quickly.

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