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Why are my torrents going so slow?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (175points) February 1st, 2010

lately ive been trying to download movies,music,etc.
and they simply aren’t downloading. It took me several hours to download a song. My internet speedis 6–8mb/s. So whats the deal?

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It probably means that there aren’t enough seeds.

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well, for an example..ZombieLand has like 8000 seeds..and it still woulden’t start.

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Do you torrent/otherwise download a lot? Sometimes, ISPs have been throttling download speeds by those individuals they perceive as overusing bandwith. Looks like this might be a good resource to check out to see if it’s happening to you:

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Make sure your ports are completely open.

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Yeah. I’ve noticed some of my torrents are going slowly. On one hand I can download about 12 gigs of Spooks but Up in the Air takes about 2 weeks. And counting.

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You might want to take a cotton swab and wipe out your ethernet port. Sometimes pieces of internet get stuck in there and clog things up. A big movie often gets stuck in there.

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well im doing the test thing now..
i read somewhere that my isp wouldent jip me like this..because im a paying customer..
i mean 80$ a month…

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i read somewhere that my isp wouldent jip me like this..because im a paying customer..
You’re right. An ISP totally wouldn’t stop you from downloading illegal content.

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@jackm : cotton swab…pieces of the internet..! I peed myself…!

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@Sarcasm my thoughts exactly…no f@cking concept

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