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How do you find information about government employees or contractors?

Asked by Poser (7800points) February 3rd, 2010

I’m trying to find information, specifically salary information, on someone who might be suing me. I know that they are either a federal employee, or a federal contractor. I know the GS salaries are easily available online, but first I have to know their GS rank. Is there a way to find that out? For contractors, are the contracts public records, or available via FOIA requests?

All I can seem to find online are the websites which give me basic information I could get from a phone book, then try to charge me for more info.

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@Poser I don’t think you can find “personnel” info—that is salary, SS #, age, medical records… Contract info is available using the FIOA or Congressional Record. That said get a good attorney.

What difference is it as to how much money he/she makes??

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It would affect the outcome of the suit. Does it help if I know their SSN and for which agency they work?

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Do you have a lawyer?

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I’m with @Snarp——Do you have a lawyer ? ? ?

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I don’t yet. That was going to be my next question. How does one find a good lawyer? I’m not getting sued yet, but in a conversation with that person I had today, it appeared that she might be thinking of taking me to court. I’ve been thinking about taking her back to court for a while. But finding her information would go a long way toward determining if I should preemptively file on her or whether I need to get an attorney in case she files against me.

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You need an attorney, if you file or if you are sued.
Is it because she is a Federal employee or a Federal Contractor?

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No. Her employment doesn’t have to do with the legal issues. It’s a family law thing. It’s her salary that matters, and I don’t want to take her to court to force her to reveal her finances until I have an idea of what the outcome will be (I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot). Likewise, if she takes me to court, I want to know what to expect and what to tell me attorney.

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@Poser GET an attorney. The first visit with an attorney should be free. You don’t and will not know the outcome if you don’t know the law!

When you say “family law” what do you mean.

One last time get a lawyer.

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Are you trying to get more money from her or reduce the amount you’d have to pay her?

I think disclosing someone’s salary information is illegal. But I think you can obtain it with a court order. I’m not entirely sure so don’t take my word for it.

Unfortunately most sites will charge you if you want to delve deeper in their background. I don’t think you can find someone’s social security number online for free. If you want the name that belongs to it, then you’ll probably have to pay for it.

There are lawyers called pro bono lawyers. I think they off their services for free or really cheap. You’ll have to look them up for you area.

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