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Is there a web site or service that can estimate value of things? (details)

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) February 3rd, 2010

For no reason whatsoever, I started digging through my mounds of Hot Wheels cars that I’ve had lying around since I was a baby. For some reason or another, I remember a friend in very early grade school who said he collected them and noted that one or two of my die-casts were “valuable.” Is there some sort of free service online that can help me guesstimate the given value of the few cars I have that may hold value?

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I recently went through all of my father’s things after he died and found that looking for things on ebay would give me an idea of how much they were worth…you might try there.

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Frankly, speaking as a trained appraiser, a free service is not the best way to put a real value on your items. Take the time and spend just a few dollars to have an appraiser look at your things. If s/he determines there might be some value you can use that opinion as a basis for price starting point when selling those items. You can also look for books that give approximate values for collectibles. I am pretty sure there are several for Hot Wheels. I’ll see what I can find and link to it. Here you go:

Hot Wheels Price Guide

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@p8prclip : ebay is great place to try to find what price people are willing to buy things for but it in no way should be considered a place to find out what the real value of something is. For regular every day items it’s great, but for specialty items, say a nice watch for instance, ebay is not the greatest gauge to use.

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I realize that…I was just making the point to find a “ball park” value:)

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I sell on eBay and I have price guides for many different things but in all honesty book value is little value other than to give an idea how rare something is and the prices are almost never realized in real life. The Hotwheels are especially comical.. If you want a simple guesstimation, go on eBay plug in the exact name hit search, click COMPLETED auctions on the left and see what they have gone for in the past seven days. You have to be a registered user. You may be surprised at how many listings you see especially for a collectible like that. I sell 75–100 year old toys so my research is a little more involved.

For a more comprehensive search you can use which will search the past 90 days (although it’s a pay site past a weeks search.)
If you want I’ll run one for you just tell me the model, condition and anything else you know about it in a private message.

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