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Instant hot water heaters?

Asked by inquisitive1 (38points) March 2nd, 2008

What’s your opinion of instant water heaters? Do they work well and provide enough hot water for a family of 5? Do you run yours with a small supplementary tank?

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We put one in recently….I have mixed feelings about it. It’s nice in reducing bills, but because we do not have a supplementary tank, it can take 30sec to a minute to heat. And the further the faucet is from the heater, it seems to take longer.

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interesting. So would you be pleased if you had a sup tank and perhaps a hot water recirc pump? I’m really on the fence here.

I assume you have a gas unit.

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Yes it’s gas, but I know very little about such things to be honest. I just know it is there. [so lame]

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