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why are most people afraid to admit they are freaky?

Asked by dscott3d (2points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

how important is sex in your life

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Being in my 40s, I’ve had time to fulfill my fantasies, now I’m more interested in having someone to make love with rather than empty casual sex or even a friend with benefits. In a relationship, sexual compatibility is very important. I am a person who enjoys the physical intimacy as an expression of my feelings on a frequent basis. When I am not in a relationship, sex is not important. If I experience biological urges, I can handle those on my own. Nothing is more incredible than sharing the passion of true lovemaking, and I won’t settle for anything less.

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While i do see where your coming from hearkat with true lovemaking and all but who ever said it cant be incredibly hot sex at the same time?

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nothing is freaky anymore. just go to craigs list. many people are into ALL kinds of fetishes. as attested to the number of emails i get including pics of private parts and details of what guys wanna do with me or other guys. there is someone into everything. i cannot remember the last time i was surprised with a new twist on sexuality. vanilla sex died long ago. anal is par for the course now. threesomes? passe. a lot of people are trying to stretch the boundaries as they have done it all already. latex. dressing up as animals. bdsm.

now try and find someone who KNOWS what to do in bed and do it right. THAT is the big challenge!

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@uberbatman – I never suggested that it can’t simultaneously be emotionally intimate and physically hot… in fact, I’ve found that it is having true passion that makes it even hotter; which is why I call sex in and of itself empty.

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Alright hearkat never mind i misunderstood your first answer i now get what your saying and agree with you.

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EVERYONE has a freaky side in them whether they admit it or not!

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