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Is it hard for you to move from where you are living?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) February 4th, 2010

Some people seem to be able to pick up and go with little problem, for others it seems like they are baked into the walls of their house or apartment. Why? What is the difference? If a person has one kind of approach, can it be changed?

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Money and love are a difference. I own my home, my lifeblood is in my rock garden front yard and soon to be renovated back yard, vegetable garden, new flooring, new paint, fabulous neighbor, no new money coming in. I’ve been here 28 years, long trips maybe instead of outright moving.

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the only thing holding me back from relocating, is money. once i have the funds to support a move…ill be somewhere else.

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and willlingness

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Kind of, I mean, I spent several years here with someone I loved…so yeah.

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Interesting question. I’ve been here for 36 years. Every few years I think, I gotta get out of here, the place itself takes up way too much of my attention. But then… it does that because it’s good here like an old marriage. But I like the idea
of @faye‘s long trips. Mmm, long trips….

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Only because of (lack of) money. I would move in a heartbeat if I could afford it.

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Nope not hard for me I have moved around many times, most of it not by my decision ( ahem eviction notice) I think it explains why I don’t care to get attached to people.

In fact If I could just keep moving keep it interesting would be nice.

but than again I don’t have kids,serious relationship or the like….I think my new life decision will allow me to travel some, or so I hope.

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I have accumulated a lot of ‘things’, but I would leave them all behind if I could afford to move to the beach in San Diego, or Santa Barbara.

Right now, my husband is working full time in an office just 5 miles from our house, which is bigger and nicer than anything we could ever have at the beach. Also, my son has now established his own family nearby and I would find it very difficult to leave them behind.

We rent a condo on the beach at least twice a year, and that helps a lot.

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Physically and financially, not diificult at all. But I’ve very recently found out that where I was planning to move back to, I’m not really wanted, even though I own the place.

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Yes. Every time I try it, a large white balloon chases me and attempts to smother me.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land why not sell the place, or rent it out? May as well make some money from it even if you don;t intend to live there yourself?

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@downtide Not an option. Even if she and her friends no longer want me around, I gave her life tennacy at no cost. Regardless of how useless I may be, I’m a man of my word. Since I have no heirs, the property will pass to the endowment of my alma mater, with the tennacy clause, upon my (soon) demise.

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I move a lot. I like it. I have very little attachment to things. It might be because my parents never owned a house. Staying in one place too long feels so limiting.

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I have issues with moving, because I tend to get very attached to things. When we had to leave our apartment that we only had for two years, I cried over the loss of the marks on the wall that indicated my sons height. Of course I can mimick it with paper, but it wasn’t the same :( That was rough.
We don’t have a ton of stuff though, lots of books and toys for our son..but nothing ridiculous, so packing up is pretty easy for us.
Both my husband and I don’t think we’d ever want to leave the area we are in, within an hour from where we both grew up. So, I got lucky in that department.

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I am not only baked into the walls of my house but, i am also part of the fixtures. i have lived here for forty years. i do not plan on moving anywhere. my house is paid for and now you can understand why. ever heard of “job hoppers”. they switch from one job to another and never settle down. these are the people that also move from place to place and never have a probem with it.

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The memoryes the place where I lived were unremarkable.It was hard for me to move on.The partys I have done there,that was cool.The place itself kept me up for four years.The specific smell of the house.Yust everything.

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I have no problem moving. The only thing I’m going to have a problem with is when my dad sells his house. It’s the house I lived in until I was 8 when my parents got divorced then I lived a couple different places with my mom. My dads house is an old farmhouse that was totally a mess when they bought it, right before I was born. It is now the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen. All my earliest memories are there and also the only memories I have of my parents together are there so it makes me extremely sad to think that at some point my dad will sell it and I won’t have it anymore. I dont know why I’m so attached to that house and I haven’t lived there permanently for 12 years…

Aside from that, I dont want to live in the same place forever. I just moved from home, which is outside of Pittsburgh, to Colorado and I thought I would have a much harder time. But it hasn’t been a problem at all. I think because I love it here so much. Yay.

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Finances are the only thing that pin me down anywhere or like right now, the choice to remain where my partner is. Any other time, if I can afford my responsibilities then I’m free to pick up and go wherever to live life. I have no problem being on the go. If my partner didn’t have children where we are then I’d probably be encouraging him to move out of state with me to build a life together elsewhere more advantageous for us both.

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I get very rooted in a house and have great difficulty contemplating moving. Right now, I am fortunate enough to have two places to live so that satisfies my need for rootedness and variety.

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Living on a fixed disability income and being dependent on the health care benefits available in this province but where I’d prefer to live, I am pretty much stuck where I am.

The house I rent is pretty decent and so reasonable in cost, any move would cost me so much more or give me so much less, that I would be foolish to consider moving unless I have no choice.

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No. But timing is the key.

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