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What is the most significant move you have made?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) September 29th, 2010

It could be something like moving from one country to another, or taking a job doing something that was way out of your comfort zone. It might be a mental move, like switching religions or political beliefs. Physical or mental, how did it change you?

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I left my ex-husband while I had postpartum depression, a young child to take care of and no guarantee of being with people I loved. It was nonetheless an important move to make because it put my philosophy of never settling into practice.

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Divorcing my ex-wife. If I was still with her, I’d probably be trapped for life with a kid we weren’t ready to raise and just trapped in a malicious, unhealthy relationship. It definitely changed my life for the better, and now I can concentrate on more important things.

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The most significant physical move I’ve made was from Oklahoma to Japan. I went as an exchange student. My year in Japan opened my soul to the larger world and to the facts that life is wonderfully diverse all over this planet. It changed my life forever.

My most significant move mentally was from being mentally healthy to mental illness. I went from holding a job with Fortune Top Ten corporation to being disabled. My job now is to stay as healthy as I can.

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Divorcing my ex-wife. lol

If I was still with her, I’d probably be trapped for life. Amen brother!

Took me 20 years to do it.

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Without question, my most important move—the one that got the ball rolling for me—was to big ol’ NYC from little ol’ Fort Worth, Texas. I can’t imagine having the career I’ve had without the education I got and the first job I had there. And it was all thanks to my first-year English professor, a former New Yorker, who urged me to ignore my fears and go for it.

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From NJ to Seattle at 22. Getting 3,000 miles away from a narcissistic and manipulative parent allowed me to completely revel in my own opinions and values and teach me what “being my own person” really means.

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Head first down the birth canal. Hello world, it’s me!!

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From passive observer to active participant in the game of life. Never mind how long it took me, I’m here.

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I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you! ;)

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In 2004 I sold everything I owned, gave away what wouldn’t sell (like my cats) and set out on an RV with a couple of buddies under the insane delusion that we could make a living selling a hand version of the Hacky Sack.

As it turns out, we could.

@Austinlad I didn’t realize you were in NYC. Surprised we’ve never run into each other, what with New York being such a small town and all.

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My whole family moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Bay Area, California in 2002. Though I did not want to do it at the time, it was definitely a good thing by far. It was quite the upgrade and I do still keep in contact with a few people from Vegas, but the majority of my friends are here and they’re all pretty amazing. :P One of my closest friends did the same thing; moved from Redding to the Bay Area between 5th and 6th grade. 6th grade is when things started “getting into gear”, when I started making the friends I’d have up until this point, when I started to define “who” I was. That was the beginning of it all and the move marked that as well.

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I went from being in only hetero relationships to being married to a woman.

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It was shortly after leaving college and moving back in with the parents in our small Virginia hometown. She drove me to the train station, handed me a one-way ticket to Washington, DC, and $5. “This is for the last meal I am buying for you.” And thus, real life began.

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from AnswerBag to Fluther.

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When I was in 7th grade I moved from Zambia to Iceland. Lived their for 4 years now. This summer I moved to Denmark and I am going to stay here only for a year. Except if mom changes her mind and comes to finish her studies again in Denmark then I could graduate from here.

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Separating from my drunk husband- it changed all our lives, hurt the kids, we lived in poverty. I don’t know if we are out the other side yet.

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Moving out of my dads home (and comfort zone) to live on my own. Every month I am terrified about not being able to pay the bills and I still go without food in order to guarantee that my rent is paid but I love it here.

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1) Leaving my first wife
2) Re marrying and emigrating to the USA
3) Leaving my second wife and returning to Scotland

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We took a leap and moved from one province to another leaving both of our extended families behind. I was 7 months pregnant with our third child. It was really tough at first but we learned to stand on our own two feet and we have done very well over the long term.

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When I left a job, nice home, belongings, friends and city in order to get away from a psychopath. I sold what furniture I didn’t give away or store with friends, sold artwork off my walls, sold clothes, jewelry, music, gave up a job with great benefits, moved away where I didn’t know if I could even get a new job, etc. I made out fine in the end.

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Decided to take steps to live the rest of my life as a guy :) Hopefully by the time I get my PhD I’ll be able to grow a beard, haha.

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Bishop to queen 3…....
Actually, I’ve left a job for a significantly lower ‘bread-line’ wage, but which had significantly less responsibility.

Less money, but less stress. Best move I ever made.

@flutherother – Did you leave your second wife for a highland-fling? sorry
Anyway, bonus, leaving the US means no more molestation by the TSA.
Now all you need to do is reinstate ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ and keep us annoying brits out ;0)

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When I hitch-hiked from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Boise, Idaho, via Salt Lake City, in 1 day.

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@Pazza No highland fling involved and no regrets.

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