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What does Robert Nozick mean by the phrase "liberty upsets patterns"?

Asked by hush (15points) February 6th, 2010

In the book “Justice”, author Sandel uses Nozick’s “liberty upsets patterns” argument; however, I do not see the patterns; furthermore, where is the upset? Please enlighten me. Thank you !

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Nozick was really kind of an adherent of Locke, and advocated what is today thought of as a rather extreme Libertarian position, which would have shrunk the State to a purely regulatory entity. For a good critique of Nozick, see Rothbard’s “Immaculate Conception of the State”.

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@dpworkin will it scare me?

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No, it’s pretty much point-by-point. You’ll probably find it useful.

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Allowing uncontrolled variability decreases the predictability

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@wildflower I understand-thanks.

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