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If the Taliban keep pouring in from Pakistan, why don't the Afghan and US armies simply build a border wall to slow them to a trickle?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) February 7th, 2010

You know about the wall that splits the West Bank from Israel? That keeps out the Palestinian insurgents from committing attacks on the other side.

Why shouldn’t Afghanistan take from their example and build a wall against Pakistan? The Taliban doesn’t have any air assets, so they can’t simply fly their militants over.

Wouldn’t walls and checkpoints that thoroughly check crossers effectively curtail the Taliban nuisance the same way the Palestinian one was in Israel?

I know there are already many Taliban in Afghanistan, but they keep getting reinforcements and armament replenishments from the other side of the border. A wall would weaken the Taliban already in Afghanistan.

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And watch towers, blood hounds, automatic gun emplacements, mines and a local Lagerkommandant sniping people at random. Would be great, but it costs too much money.

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Have you checked the terrain of the Pakistan/ Afghanistan border recently? It’s, shall we say, long and rugged.

Read the new Greg Mortenson book about trying to build schools for girls in Afghanistan:
Stones into Schools

And read his first book; Three Cups of Tea, about building schools in Pakistan.

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For one, that border is huge, and as @gailcalled said, rugged.. There is not enough money to do such a thing.. it was hard enough to get the wall around the green zone in Iraq, nevermind blocking off an entire country’s border.. Also, how do you think it would make pakistan feel?

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As @gailcalled said, very long rugged border. It took the Israelis a decade to build their wall, and it’s tiny in comparison.

Also, from what I understand, the local people (lots of shepherds and tribesmen that are not of the Taliban, too) graze their flocks and live their lives without the national border meaning a whole lot to them. It might be like building a wall across your town, say, and having to check through when you go to work and come home, only with more sheep.

In short: a very big, nigh impossible project.

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@ragingloli, actually, they do have that. This is the famed Khyber Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Simply, huh? Yeah, after all, it’s working so well on the US – Mexico border…

Oh, don’t forget “cheaply”.

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The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is 1600 miles long, and through the middle of the Himalayas. The West Bank is a small strip of land.

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yeah fantastic idea….....just what the world needs, a massive monument to Division and segregation. Lets build reserves too shall we? like in the good old days. i’ve got a better idea, why not build a huge impenetrable dome over northern America, so no one can get in or out, how ‘bout that?

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Sure, 110 degress out, out in the open and just build a big wall, I’ll pass that on to my son serving in Afganastan right away

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@Irishmar don’t forget to mention the friendly locals!

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