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Want to come to a Fluther snow day picnic?

Asked by janbb (54524points) February 10th, 2010

Yippee! It’s a snow day! I’m baking cookies and playing music and thought it’d be fun if we all got together for a virtual indoor picnic. I’m serving chocolate chip cookies (know cprevite will be here) and I’ve got the soundtrack to Crazy Heart on the Pod. What and who will you bring (companion animals welcome)? What tunes are you playing? Snowball fight anyone?

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I will bring my Dad. He will get a kick out of all of you and needs to get out of the house..

Besides, the man can cook.

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I will bring stranger_in_a_strange_land because he needs company right now. I’d rather not have a snowball fight, so maybe I can help bake cookies instead?

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As long as there is a roaring fire and hot chocolate, I’ll be there! I can bring my new puppy Minnie (she loves to run around in the snow), and I can bake my killer brownies. :-)

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Snow day. I had to shovel out and go to work.

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@Dibley Sure – here’s a spoon.

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I’m already making my famous peanut butter cookies for my dad today. it’s his birthday I’ll make extra, but first I must make a snowman. Anyone want to help?

<hits @Dibley with snowball>

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Time for naked snow angels!! No party is complete without Stevie Ray Vaughn kickin on the stereo. I will have a case of ice cold Point Nude Beach Wheat beer, home made guacamole and my snow ball scooper.

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My girl and I will ditch work for the day; we’ll be there! I’ll be bringing some Canadian Club and Crown Royal. Maybe, a bottle of Bailey’s and some good roasted brew to go along with it. Ingredients for homemade pancakes and I’ll bring some real Canadian Maple Syrup, bitches! Jelly touques for everyone! And, we’ll play some Neil Young! Perhaps, I’ll round up some Frenchies (my girls). They’re always fun.

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I, unfortunately have to work, but would love a good snowball fight with snow forts.

@Cruiser You like naked stuff don’t you?

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I will bring plenty of ice for the drinks and chocolate syrup for ice cream made of snow.

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@jonsblond That was mean, I hate snowball fights and that hit me right in the face, I’m all cold now.

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I will bring the Chippendales and a “bigass” ham….and perhaps some sensible snow boots :)

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Fun! We did this last year (on AV) and had a great time. we fired up the hot tub and had a great party…My favorite winter concotion is a Snowshoe made with 60/40 Wild Turkey and Rumpleminz..Woohoo!

Here is a pic from the party

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I will make a 6 foot tall snowman in the shape of a police officer, so for every ticket you have received, for every arrest you have encountered, for each time you thought you were hassled by the police… can hit “Snow Cop” with a snowball. for some people, this is better than a drink of Jack Daniels.

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@john65pennington Here’s one for the “80-in-a-65-zone” ticket I got last year! ;-)

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Dr. Dredd….....ouch! that smarted.

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I will bring my hubby (who is home from work with a snow day), the laptop because we both need to stay connected, a pan of out special homemade shortbread, and the dogs who will wander around looking for food and petting.

I am so glad there is a hot tub. i love to alternate the hot tub with making snow angels!

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@marinelife I’d love to meet your hubby and the dogs. Glad you’re all coming (not to mention the shortbread!)

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“the laptop because we both need to stay connected”

I get this vision of all of us sitting at a couple of picnic tables in the snow, with our laptops, chatting on Fluther.

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I’m in. I’ll try not to eat all the cookies. I’ll blame it on someone else.
We’ll definitely need a fire to sit around.

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I’ll be there alone. Stag if you prefer. Somebody in this forum told me they thought I was butch. I have several mixed discs, and The Cure for me with head phones. I also will stop and but some of those lava cakes from Dominoes. I fully expect to be stampeded at the door.

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@Dibley and I will arrive by Unimog with plow. I’ll bring along a few gallons of 3-alarm chili, a keg of Bass IPA, my wok and the fixings for Pad Thai and some Szechuan goodies. I’ll raid the root cellar for some organic veggies and pick up a few tofu blocks on the way. Musically, I’ll bring the Sibelius symphonies, good winter music.

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Just reading this question made me put on another coat! (Southern California wimp)

I am bringing hot toddies, homemade chicken soup and hot chocolate.

I am bringing my three old dogs. They love to lounge in front of a fire.

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@All; Milo and I are tied up, sadly, but here’s a wonderful poem by Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale) for everyone…to assuage overeating guilt and to celebrate the need for a party.


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This is turning into a great party! Thank you all for RSVPing and bringing such fun stuff! I’ve got the fire lit, the hot tub hot and the wireless network is up and running! Cookies are almost in the oven.

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@janbb : We haven’t been plowed yet so unless you can send the dogsled team, here we stay, on my hill.

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@gailcalled Psst! That’s why it’s a virtual picnic.

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Sauna anyone? Then run out and dive in the snow!

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Sadly I’m at work right now, but when I get home I’ll be making a cake, since it’s my birthday. :) I love love love snow, so I’m happy to have a snowy day today. I plan to run and jump and skip as I walk home! Snowflakes in my eyelashes and all that!

Hmm… Give me a minute to sneak out of the lab and put on a bathing suit… just one little dip in the hot tub before I feed the fish, eh? Cookies smell great, @janbb!

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Another reason to party! Happy Birthday, @fireinthepriory !

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:) Thanks guys!

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awesome, happy birthday, @fireinthepriory!

it’s my birthday too! =}

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February is such a month of birthdays! I guess that means everyone’s gettin’ it on in May?? ;) Happy birthday to you, too, @The_Idler. :)

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I’m at work, but after I skid across the parking lot on heels (what was I thinking this morning?) I’ll make my mom’s schwarzwelderkirschetorte I know there’s an umlaut in there somewhere. It’s really good for warming you up. I’ll bring Nikita, our wolf-german shepherd blend. She’s an attention whore, so beware.

Oh, and bon anniversaire, @fireinthepriory and @the_idler

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Happy Birthday111 @The_Idler
@zephyr826 About 2000 calories a slice?

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@fireinthepriory Happy Birthday, pretty lady!!

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@The_Idler I meant exclamation points, not ones. Tired eyes

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I lurve ya’ll, but I’ll stay here in the sun. Beach day at my house this summer.

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@tinyfaery what would ya want us to bring?

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@tinyfaery Sounds pretty good, right about now. Name the date!

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My birthday is Friday. Wow, we’re all Aquarians! :-)

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Dreary February needs parties. Great idea! I’ll bring my California-born son, who misses the Northeast after three years of school there. I’m still homesick for a good blizzard myself.

But wait, first I have to dig out my snowboots and mittens—they’re at the back of the top shelf in some closet—haven’t used them in years.

I am bringing some Valentine’s Day cupcakes, white cake with swirly frosting in all different shades of pink, some with red sprinkles, and all filled with lurve. I was going to save them for Sunday, but this sounds like the right time.

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Thanks @jmah :)

Cake’s in the oven, all! Get ready – chocolate cake frosted with coffee flavored whipped cream because I don’t like icing. :)

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Did someone say cookies?!?!?

Mmmm…OK, I’ll bring my daughter (‘cuz she’s all said her mama is away on business) and my Havanese puppy (‘cuz who doesn’t love a cute puppy?).

I’ll bring something from the kitchen here at the farm….let’s see….oh, I know: Heart Shaped Lobster Raviolis and a few Fresh Veggie Platters.

And @janbb: I WILL EAT YOUR COOKIES. and @jonsblond‘s too

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@cprevite I knew I could count on you! There’s a batch coming out right now. And I love Havaneses!

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@janbb: I’m just so excited to be named in the details of a question. I can die a happy jelly. ;^)

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There’s one more step to Nirvana, @cprevite: to be named in the tags. Something we can only aspire to and may never attain except by grace.

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I just made two magnificent snow forts in my back yard for my son (who was sledding). Ya’ll are welcome to come over for a rip roaring snowball fight. It’s perfect snow for forts, snowmen and snowballs. Also, I’m making lemon squares for my son to take to school on his birthday. If school is closed Friday, I’ll have a lot of lemon square for everyone!

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The plow never came to plow the ambulance building out, so I repeatedly shoveled off the pad today. Lots of fun.

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I could never get a snow fort to stay up, @wundayatta. That sounds marvelous. I would love to get a fightin’ team together to take you on in battle!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DUCK!

> > > splat < < <

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AAAAHHHHHH!!! I missed out on the cookies! :((

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@Jeruba Alas, I was stuck in bed today, and my kids were out playing in the forts. My daughter says she won. But as of now, one of them has fallen over.

We also make a gazillion lemon squares for my son’s birthday party at school, which will now not be happening due to the snow. Anyone want a lemon square? I made them with Meyer lemons and they are very good! (I snuck a taste before I got sick).

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pssst…@hearkat: I’ll share some cookies.

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@hearkat Don’t worry, sweetie, I saved some foryou. @cprevite can have all of his.

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Awwww… you guys are so sweet! Thanks!

Sadly we’ll only get an inch or two of snow tonight, so I have to work tomorrow :-(

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