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Do banks have a limit on overdrafts ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) February 10th, 2010

Something,I personally hate and my bank continues to do so,even though,I have repeatedly requested for them not to allow any type of an overdraft,,, but my question is: Do banks have a limit on the amount of the overdraft for them to still honor the transaction ? If so what is it ?
The reason I am asking is my aunt plans on running an $800 overdraft on her checking account and repaying it with the accompanying fees/charges when she gets her tax refund check.
I just do not see the bank allowing it .

ps: please no speeches about it being unethical,that is not what my question is about !

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no. they keep charging you

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I have a friend that would end up with double the amount of over draft charges every month.
In comparison to purchases made. Spend $150, get $300 in over draft charges.

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The banks will charge you, why doesn’t she go to saving and loan bank or credit union for a 90 day loan. Should be cheaper! Mine charges a fixed amount for each overdraft and then a per day charge on the “automatic amount” units of $250 or so. Credit union will usually let you pay back early TOO.

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They just keep on making it harder to get out of your financial hole and collecting those OD feed…

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It’s not unethical. It’s just stupid. Spending money you know you don’t have, knowingly incurring fees that you can pretty simply avoid… where is the intelligence in that? If your aunt wants to do it, let her. Hopefully she banks at one of the places at which I hold stock. I’ll happily thank her for the increased revenue.

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Is this a check that she is writing to a business or for utilities? $800 is a large amount and the bank could return it. Of course the business could deposit it a second time, but if the funds are not in the bank the second time it hits she may not be allowed to write a check to that business any longer. I also think it depends on her history with the bank she uses. Does she do this often? Does she make weekly deposits? Does she usually have a large balance in her account?

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