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Why Does my mom flip a shit when my sister steps on my back to crack it?

Asked by pterodactylover808 (139points) February 10th, 2010

It is bad for you or something?

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I think it could be potentially very dangerous, but that’s just a guess. Is your sister young, and lightweight? Someone heavy walking near your spine just seems like a BAD idea. Spinal injuries should be avoided at all costs. I imagine there’s also the potential that a mis-step could crack or bruise a rib, or damage a kidney or other internal organ. Why bother with the russian roulette of it? Learn some stretches that will relieve tension in your back instead, or trade massages with your sister :) .

Also, there’s a lot of people who believe than any cracking of joints is bad for you in the long run, although I’m not sure if there’s a lot of evidence to support that.

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Because she probably belies the myth that is you crack you knuckles, it will cause arthritis. BUT “The “crack” comes because of a change in the synovial fluid, the lubricant that bathes the joints. When finger bones are suddenly stretched apart, the space between the joints widens, and an air bubble forms in the synovial fluid. The bubble quickly bursts and makes a sharp sound.”
Is it Bad to Crack Your Neck or Back a Lot?
This question is often asked of chiropractors because people associate the cracking or popping of one’s neck with a chiropractic adjustment. The two are not the same thing. If a person has a desire to pop his neck or back it’s usually because a part of his spine is fixated or jammed causing another part to move too much and pop a lot, sometimes by itself. It’s the jammed or fixated part that must be properly adjusted by a chiropractor so the rest of the spinal column will stop being so movable and noisy.
When you crack or pop your neck you’re relieving tension for a little while, but not giving yourself an adjustment. After a while the urge to pop or crack reappears because the cause of the spinal tension, the fixation or jammed vertebrae, has not been corrected.

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You might regret it if you get some parts displaced or otherwise damaged. It’s hard to fix, if not nearly impossible.
I think shit flipping in this case is quite called for.

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Moms tend to “flip a shit” over stuff like that.
It comes with the job.

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Ummm because it is VERY DANGEROUS to have that much weight on such a sensitive area. It’s not about the actual cracking. You could potentially break your back or screw up your vertebrae or discs in your spine.

Stop it immediately.

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Clearly jealousy.

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having a female stepping on the back of person has many connotations, and ones your mom probably doesnt want.

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She probably doesn’t have insurance for the back surgery you may require from this particular activity.

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How do you flip a shit?

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@janbb with a spatula. of course

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listen to ‘like a 24’ play that shit and get high with it. fuck the devil then your problems should go away.

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