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Have you ever been to a popular resort like Sandals or Couples?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) February 11th, 2010

We plan on going to Jamaica for our honeymoon and are trying to decide on a resort. We’ve looked a Sandals, Couples, and Breezes.

If you have been to a resort: Which one did you use and where? What was the experience like? Would you recommend it to a friend? How expensive was it? What else would you recommend while at a resort? Anything you didn’t like about your trip?

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Omg!!! The moon palace resort in puenta cana, dominican republic is freaking awesome!!!!!! Wow they make u feel so good in there :-) I love it!! I didn’t like Jamaica :/ I really didn’t like the people very much

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My friends went to the Sandals in Jamaica (I don’t know which one) on their honeymoon and they absolutely loved it. They were even given a private butler!

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Went to Sandals in St Lucia. It was wonderful. Now I wish I could afford to take all my grand kids to a Beaches.
I was worried that the food would be bad since it was all inclusive, but I was pleasantly surprised.
It was first class all the way.

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Sandals Halcyon, St. Lucia (Caribbean)! If you love snorkeling, scuba, boating, hiking, flowers, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, playing golf, beautiful scenery, and wonderful friendly people, you’ll love St. Lucia. You asked about Sandals, so I listed Sandals Halcyon—take a look at this:

I do St. Lucia every year and recommend B&B’s for even more privacy.

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For our honeymoon, we went to a Palace Resort for couples only. It was awesome, highly recommended. Once you get over the weirdness of being in a resort (it took about a day), it was an absolute blast.

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