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Vacation: Pittsburgh or Minneapolis?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (678points) April 22nd, 2015

My girlfriend and I are planning a vacation for Memorial Day weekend. Would you recommend Pittsburgh or Minneapolis?

And if so, what would you recommend to there?

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Depends. Pirates or Twins?

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You’re with your girlfriend then Pittsburgh is best option for vacation. You should prefer to go there cause of night life, better restaurants, better places to see and better accommodation.

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So funny, always people boosting Pittsburgh. But it is usually only people who have never left Pittsburgh. lol I lived there and went to college…
Trust me, I have been to Minneapolis many times, it is the best city in the entire country.
Good stable jobs, plenty to do, the second best theater district in the country, an insane Arts scene, great and thriving nightlife with one of the best underground music scenes in the nation. The Mall Of America. A WAY better public transit system. (And much cheaper for roaming around) And also Minneapolis has much more friendly people. Trust me, Minneapolis will win this battle every time.

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I have visited both cities and they are both wonderful, really. I have more friends in Pittsburgh than in Minneapolis, so I go there more often, so as a deciding factor I’d go with celebrations over the holiday weekend, music possibilities, fairs in parks, stuff like that.

Have fun!

@xThisUserIsDeceasedx : I can’t even remotely agree with you, I think Pittsburgh is pretty terrific itself.

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