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How do you deal with your nervous energy?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 13th, 2010


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I either take a PRN or find some physical activity to do. Specifically, a big task with a small tool. Clean the kitchen with a toothbrush- see how fast you can go. Get moving and find an outlet that works- trial and error.

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DRAWING….i get really bad nervous episodes for the dumbest things. i start shuddering and getting sweaty…drawing takes my mind off of things.

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The easiest thing is for me to work more which distracts me (a little), burns up some energy and also pays down bills. If I can’t get to work then I try to do some exercises, get a shower and then watch movies until I can sleep or calm down. If I’m with my SO then then what works best is a makeout session.

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Working out helps me and deep breathing. I learned in Yoga class.

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I walk away…people who are nervous make me nervous.

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If I have an excess of nervous energy,I do something physical to burn it off.

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House cleaning.

I have a very clean house. You do the math.

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Usually my nervous energy seems to be cerebral. Physical activity does not always help. I find that I can better relieve it when I write, or do something creative. Otherwise, I’m unable to focus.

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@cprevite I’m with you there. Swiffer WetJet = Lexapro.

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I do noisy things or things that burn off excess nervous energy. If I need noise, I shoot targets or fire up the motorcycle. If I need to burn off energy, I run, cross-country ski, do martial arts drills or chop firewood.
In my younger days I practiced two of these combined as a sport, winter biathlon (such as is going on now in Vancouver). Back then, we competed with high powered rifles at ranges up to 250m. Now they use .22s at 50m.

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I keep moving. If I can’t get outside for a long walk I clean.

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Bedroom is a good place to get rid of it!

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Clean house.

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@pearls and @Silhouette clean house!!!!!!!!!!!...oh, my favorite thing to get rid of energy! yeah, just love that!

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@BoBo1946 I like your idea, but it’s no fun by yourself.

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I live off nervous energy, everyone jokes that this is what keeps me so thin! To be honest, I haven’t found a way to deal with it very effectively. Sometimes I try and sleep it off, sometimes it’s all about getting control of whatever situation has set off an attack, sometimes I go for a drive or walk the dogs and sometimes I have to take medication. It really all depends on the situationthat has set it off. I’m constantly anxious it just depends one what scale my anxiousness has got to.

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@pearls hey, understood totally!!!!

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@jmah: So funny. My wife just called me because I left her a shopping list before I went to work. She says, “Do you really need this much Swiffer stuff?!”

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Get out of the house. Go shopping or take a walk.

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@jmah Nervous energy? Winter blahs? You’re all over the map, sweetie.

Cleaning the bathroom works well for me. That or a fast, hard walk.

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I clean. If I have a lot of energy and nerves going at the same time I will clean the kitchen, vacuum, wash walls, anything I can do to keep my mind off what’s making me anxious.

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hey, the very best relaxer i’ve ever found, stand on my head and watch TV…oh, forgot, while stacking BB’s with my boxing gloves! now, that is what I’m talking about!

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I haven’t had an excess of energy since 1961.

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@jmah I’m so glad that you asked this. I have so much nervous energy right now and I don’t know what to do about it. My 74 year old mother just found out about my husband’s radio show and she asked what night it was so she could watch. We never told her about it because she gets offended very easily, and we know that she would not like his show. I know she may watch tonight and I am so nervous about it. I don’t even want to log in to the chat room tonight. Who would want their mom witnessing everything they say in a chat room? I’m almost 40, I should not have to worry about stuff like this! We have so much stress to deal with right now, I don’t need my mom being upset with us because of something my husband said for shock value during his show. ughhh!

I guess I didn’t answer the question, but the rant helped a bit. ;)

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@jonsblond maybe she is a bit more broad minded than you think!

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@Just_Justine She was very offended by the movies American Beauty and Fatal Attraction. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! lol :)

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I play with the dog

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I freak out, let my mind obsess in circles and wish I knew how to meditate.

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I play with my salty dog and do the 5 knuckle shuffle…

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Spank the monkey (No I really own a stuffed monkey)

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Throw a fist into my other hand.

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I cook up enough meals to fill the frizzer.

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Once i start freaking out, there is no way to stop it so i just have to kind of put up with the falling over into shit (looking back, it makes me laugh, but is not so amusing at the time =P) and panicking and shaking etcetcetc =) And eventually, i think my brain has gone so insane he simply cannot deal with it anymore, and collapses: then I go and watch TV or something else mindless in an effort not to wake him up again =/

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@YARNLADY That was very cute!

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