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Comments on the 2010 VW tuoareg diesel suv, problems, performance, reliability etc.?

Asked by leslie_jo (5points) February 14th, 2010

any reason not to buy this car? Reliability especially?

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I would recommend looking at some Volkswagon forums. I’m not huge into the community or even follow what goes on with their vehicles.

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The car has a very poor reliability record in general, according to Consumer Reports. Major trouble spots are the electrical system, brakes, fuel system, climate control, and body hardware. Considering this is a $40,000+ vehicle, you could do a lot better. Like a Lexus RX or an Nissan Murano.

Veedubs in general have the worst average 10-year corporate reliability of any make sold in the U.S. They’re even worse than Chrysler. The only thing they’ve got going for them is a fairly complete line of diesel vehicles. Not a good enough reason to buy one, IMHO.

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If you’re looking for a small-midsized SUV, I’d more likely go with the Toyota RAV4 What gas pedal problems? hehheh… or the Hyundai Santa Fe. Our family eventually chose the Hyundai because of a bigger (but still rock-hard) 3rd row and the fact that my mother just seemed to like it better. No problems with the car at 35k.

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