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Any people on Fluther good at writing music/songs?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) February 14th, 2010

Was wondering if you could help me write a tune or two, looking for more experienced musicians/writer for general knowledge and ideas.

My biggest problem is finishing the whole song, I often get an ideal going but can’t complete it.

Theres no deadlines or anything and for fun if your willing answer here or PM.


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I write some with my band. None myself, however.

Overall, though, I think it’s really up to you to do most of the heavy lifting. We can help you with structure and opinions but can’t really give you riffs or full parts of songs.

Or at least I can’t. What instrument/s do you play?

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@dverhey I have a keyboard for MIDI,guitar, (use to play alto sax),I can attempt vocals lmao….oh I got some harmonics laying around they are in key can’t mess that up hah! :)

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—-@Steve_A I think you mean harmonicas. Harmonics are overtones that you don’t always hear.

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I wish I had some harmonics lying around. That would be amazing.

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Got any experience with drums or a drum machine? Always a good skill to have, and drums are one of the easiest instruments to learn. Oftentimes a drummer is what separates one man bands and multiple person bands.

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@dverhey No I don’t sounds like a good idea though!....I really wanna get a alto sax again Its been almost a year now since I played one :(

A drummer is pretty key to a band keep the tempo,kinda like the backbone of the music I guess?

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Coming from a drummer, absolutely.

If you ask a guitarist, though, he/she will probably disagree.

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@dverhey Thats ignorant and close minded musician for you, I’m mostly a guitar player now.

I totally disagree, really every instrument is important and every one you add needs to find “spot” or fill in my opinion your a band not a one man show.

Personally I’d like to find a well rounded drummer, I like one who can add fills and tension on the right time, but also lay back and just keep the tempo work for the song not always for your own pleasure per se. Guitarist are far worse though about playing for the song and showing off or what have ya… lol I think

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@dverhey I disagree. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and I would say that the drums, as in a trap set are probably the hardest instrument to play. A drummer is really playing 4 or 5 percussion instruments at a time, in such a way as to keep them all in proper rhythm, meanwhile keeping time for the rest of the ensemble.

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That’s not really what I meant @Yetanotheruser. I play drums, and I was able to pick up the simplest beats in 3 hours and play along with friends that have been playing guitar for years within the first week. I don’t know of any guitarists that could do the same thing, and I feel my development as a drummer was pretty average.

Drums are one of the most difficult instruments to get good at, but I do feel they are one of the easiest to learn.
You don’t have to be a great drummer to play along with people, also.

I feel drums are one of those instruments where it will go really well at first, and you will develop incredibly quickly, but there will be a point about 1 year in where you’ll hit a wall and not get noticeably better for a long time. At least that’s what happened with me.

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So guys how about that song writing stuff :D?

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What about it? You’d need to elaborate. Are you rock or electronic based, or maybe post something you’ve thrown together. Each song always starts with somebody just messing around, so do you have any recordings or little riffs you think would be a decent foundation?

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@dverhey I suppose simple old school rock type riffs?

but I don’t post my stuff, I only put one thing up on noteflight on here for music theory ideals where to take it.(which was not rock)

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@Steve_A “That songwriting stuff” is probably the most creative thing you can do. When you write a song, you not only write poetry for lyrics, but you are also writing music for the tune and the background accompaniment, and then there’s the arrangement. Even when I perform solo, self accompanied on guitar, the interplay between voice and guitar are very important.

@dverhey that one year mark is pretty much universal with all instruments. It’s like studying theory: Music Theory 101 will teach you all the rules; Music Theory 201 will teach you how and when to break them!

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I do!!! I’ve got a couple CDs worth of songs, at least. Too bad I’m a Super Chicken when it comes to performing. I’ve got a song on YouTube and even recording it at home, alone, in my living room made my hands shake so bad I could hardly play. But it’s there if you wanna check it out. Let me know what you think! (

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