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Any other Adobe program I should have?

Asked by anon30 (334points) February 15th, 2010

For a beginner in design and coding?

Right now I have Photoshop cs4 Extended & Dreamweaver cs4.

I’m talking about, for now & for the future, Cause I don’t want to download anymore Adobe programs after this. (Takes to damn long)

So any other Adobe product I should have? Illustrator, flash, etc

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I’ve been a print and web designer fir sixteen years now. Here’s what I use.

image editing, compositing and creation as well as web site mock-ups

aside from the obvious vector art creation and editing, I specifically use it to create .png or .gif web graphics with transparent areas

web site creation and editing. I also use it (in conjunction with Safari) to create HTML eMails

for multi-page document design

Note: I’m not a fan of Flash content, so I rarely use Flash. I’ve even used Apple’s Keynote for some basic Flash content

ALSO: Inexpensive Apple Software
for image organization
photo editing beyond Photoshop
Garage Band
podcast creation

Fir the Adobe stuff, go to for drastically discounted student versions of the CS4 Suite. Works exactly the same as the full versions, just with a disclaimer at the beginning.

someday, when you’re making real money at design, go out and buy the full versions

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@BlockStar22 I think you should be good with what you have for now, but you will eventually start using some of the programs @cprevite has mentioned. Also look at getting Notepad++ for coding, as Dreamwaever isn’t going to be your end-all-be-all text editor.

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what you mean? @drClaw

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@BlockStar22: You’ll also need Notepad ++, as @drClaw points out, if you are going to do a lot of straight code writing (HTML, XHTML, PHP, etc.) as opposed to mostly visual design.

You can do it in Dreamweaver in “Code View”, but it’s not really Dreamweaver’s strong suit.

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cs4 has Splint Screen, I know what you mean Dreamweaver has options so they input the codes their selfs. But I don’t, everything is writing by myself, I got ebooks with CSS and html thats teaching me, I saw a tut on youtube when the kid wasn’t doing nothing but importing tables, etc. no I’m gonna straight up code.

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