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How many of you believe an illegal immigrant will complete the Census Survey?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 15th, 2010

What excuse would an illegal immigrant give for not completing the Census Survey? even if they completed the survey, could we ever believe the information written on it? Is it just a waste of time and tax dollars to send the Census Survey to an illegal immigrant?

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They are by law meant to be counted, and the Census Bureau does not interface with INS, but most are avoidant, and end up undercounted. That’s why we would be better off using modern statistical methods to do the census, but the Republicans know that the undercounts are always low SES, so they vote down all attempts to modernize.

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Probably just as many illegals will not complete one as citizens who will not complete one.

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@dpworkin: ...“but the Republicans” it always has to become a party related issue huh?

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I do not instruct them as to policy. I have merely reported what they do.

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