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Are PostMasters paid an extravagant bonus each year?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 15th, 2010

I was told that Postmaters, each year, receive an unbelievable amount of “bonus money” from the Federal Government. this, of course, is from tax dollars you and i have to pay. is there anything to this information?

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Public servants are usually not paid bonuses.

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An old article about it.

He makes less than other CEOs, I guess.

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Small potatoes comparatively.
There’s greater injustices in the world.

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tentaclepuppy,,,,read that article. did i read this correctly that their salary is not funded by the taxpayers? if not, then who pays their salaries and where does the money come from?

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From what I’ve heard from relatives in the postal service, the pay isn’t that great, even when you’re higher up in the career chain (i.e. a district postmaster).

I’m sure if you go up along the chain far enough you’ll find someone who is pocketing far too much money but that’s a given for just about anything that even resembles a corporation.

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The USPS does have revenue- the money you pay for stamps doesn’t go into the general treasury fund- it stays in the USPS.

Now, do they actually make bank? Oh hell no. So yeah, in a way, this is taxpayer money that is eventually half-going to this guy.

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Thats what i thought, also. you can cover an injury with a bandaid, but its still an injury. i love this old saying, its very appropriate for this situation and taxpayers money being paid to Post masters. thanks for the infomation.john

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Bonuses are dolled out to all in management. Although it is performance-based management refuses to admit these are bonuses and instead refers to them as “cost-of-living adjustments (forget the the increase in CPI has been 0% for quite awhile now). As for them being extravagent, I suppose that’s subjective. They range from a thousand or so up to several. The largest “COLA” generally goes to Postmaster Potter. That’s generally in the six figure range.
As to the mention of our tax dollars going towards these bonuses, the USPS receives no tax subsidies. All revenue comes from philatellic and lesser sales. This is the source where their “COLA” money comes from as well.

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