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What's your disaster survival plan?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 15th, 2010

Do you have one?

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Friends and family, and a willingness to be flexible. That, and my bomb shelter.

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A camping tent and head straight for the woods.

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Outlast the rest of you….

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LIke the elderly in some Northern tribes, I and Milo will head to the nearest ice floe and sleep.

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@davidbetterman – You got that right.

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My family has a cabin in the mountains about 2 hours from where I live. It is isolated from other surroundings, and fully stocked with food, tools, and other survival necessities, even a gun or two. In the case of an large-scale panic/event, that’s where I am heading.

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How big of a disaster?

It makes a big difference.

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Nothing. I’m the one causing the disaster after all.

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Does it bother anyone else that questions involving post apocalyptic survival have been coming up a lot lately?
It’s a little freaky to me.

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Put my head between my knees and kiss my bum goodbye.

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@Judi The Zombies ARE coming. ;)

I read a lot of Post Apocalyptic comic books so I’m hoping I am picking up a few pointer here and there.

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Talking about a total infrastructure breakdown?

“Well stocked cabin”, would be good for a few weeks to a month. I’ll give you two months.
Guns, now that is what it will all come down to.

Even if you have a gun and can shoot. Hopefully there is plenty to hunt and you know how to hunt. There’s fishing too.
Depending on how many people show up at your cabin, you will see how quickly “all” those supplies disappear.
Now that I know I might just show up. :-)

Eventually, and quickly. Other people that are hungrier then you will be showing up at your door.

That gun is going to be needed not only to kill for food. But for survival. If you can’t bring yourself to possibly and eventually kill your neighbor or friend.

Then you are back to a month or so.

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Cheer up dude,it might never happen.

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Find the dog and the cat and then we all run uphill as fast as possible.

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Well, I don’t have to worry until 2012, right?

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Put my life in the hands of my husband, a genuine mountain man. Since I’m a city girl, I wouldn’t last a day in the woods without him!

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I set aside ten minutes daily to hope very sincerely that nothing bad happens.

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We gotta stay in the sticks!

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Shout “Save me jeebus!”, bend over and kiss my ass goodbye.

Oh and make sure the dogs have food.

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