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what is the best thing to do to heal a sprained ankle?

Asked by mssamayray (103points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I sprained it last night while dancing.

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I skateboard frequently and have suffered from a lot of those. I am usually told to alternate between heat and cold on the ankle. And you should stay off of it.

But I am not a doctor and I think you should see one if you can.

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I did.
and I’m on crutches.
it suuuuckkksss.

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They take a long time to heal. Depending on how bad it is it might suck for another week.

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I used Traumeel on my hand after when it was injured when my air bag went off. It worked well for me and I had bought to tubes. I only used a little. So after using it I gave the rest to a couple co-workers who also had success with it.

Apparently it’s also used on animals for the same thing. A friend of mine’s neighbor was told to use it on their dog, which would not use one of it’s hind legs for months. Within 3 days the dog was walking normally again.

Here’s the manufacturer web site looks like you can download a coupon. Also enter your zip code for local stores that carry it. I’ve bought it at Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

It was recommended to me by a PA that also had used it for a much more serious auto accident than mine.

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I’ve heard arnica is good (you can get it at whole foods).

The best thing to do is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Stay off it! I sprained my ankle playing football, and I was back dancing on it within a few days—it took over a year to heal fully.

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I work for a podiatrist. I agree with andrew. The RICE method is best. Stay off of it. And if the swelling doesn’t go down soon, get an xray. Lots of people hobble around on fractures and don’t even know it.

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I sprained my ankle Thursday at school. It hasnt stopped swelling and i have already gotten an X-ray! It is actually worse than when i got it! GRR

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