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Anyone Else Allergic to Milk,Eggs,and Cheese. I can only drink Soy Milk, do they make Soy Cheese and Ice Cream? Where can I find it?

Asked by Saveatreein2010 (4points) February 16th, 2010

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My son had a close friend who was lactose intolerant. And at all of the baseball team events, birthday parties, etc. they would always have lac-free ice cream, cake, etc. for him.
I know all that stuff is out there. I would imagine Whole Foods would be a great place to start.
Best of luck!

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Definitely try Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, and Wild Oats. Even my local Safeway has a lactose free selection in ice cream, milk, and some frozen foods. Shouldn’t be hard to find.

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As vegans, we consume soy cheese and vegan ice cream. I just googled ‘vegan ice cream nyc’ to find places to buy that and the soy cheese we got at Key Food but Whole Foods is a good suggestion too.

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I must say that it’s hard if not impossible to find a good replacement for cheese. I think you can find vegan substitues for pretty much everything else though. Well, not so much eggs as in a meal, cuz that’s kinda hard to replicate too. Be careful though because there are a lot of “non-dairy” cheese substitues that are pretty close, but all of those contain casein which is a protein from milk. So if it’s an allergy, those might not be a safe choice. Soy ice cream is great though! And you can make some pretty bangin’ vegan baked goods with veg oil and vanilla soy milk. It’s pretty amazing. Honestly I think for most cases the vegan desserts are way better than the traditional. But yeah, any health food store will have what you’re looking for, and New York’s got a ton. Try Rice Milk subs. too because too much soy isn’t really good for you.

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@Zajvhal make tofu eggs…cut up regular tofu real small, fry up like regular eggs – tastes awesome…my husband and I call it tofeggs…

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I live in the South and the only thing I can find is Soy Milk. I crave French Toast made with Eggs and Macaroni and Cheese. But I know if I eat anything other than Soy Products I am DONE.

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Tofutti ice cream is surprisingly very tasty. They have it in regular supermarkets near me in Massachusetts, and it is kept with the regular ice cream.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’ve seen a lot of recipes for a “tofu scramble” like that.

@Saveatreein2010 Don’t eat too much soy. Soy has a very high level of estrogen in it and can cause problems. They make soy/rice milk mixes that are pretty good. Soya makes cheese thats supposed to be pretty good but I’ve never actually tried it. There are some soy ice creams that are pretty good. I recommend getting the ones that are flavored with other stuff (chocolate, chocolate cherry, etc) because the vanilla can taste too much like soy.

You can order some products online like here, and even on

@buckyboy28 You’re so right, Tofutti is great.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir ...Yeah….on my month as a vegan I tried it….called it tofuscramble..and it was okay….but I used to have eggs pretty much every day for breakfast and loved them…so it was a pretty poor substiute…It might have been the seasonings I used though…I’ve had better tofuscrambles before…and I’d say you can replicate eggs way better than cheese for sure!

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@Zajvhal well you shouldn’t have eggs every day – it’s tough on your kidneys, :) and ups the cholesterol.

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There’s a new product out there too…which is supposed to be a really good replacement for creamer…MimicCreme…they have a website…it’s supposed to be the best yet. The cravings do fade after a while though..for the most part. :)

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Often such items can be found in the health food section of the supermarket.

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There is rice milk and ice cream and almond milk and ice cream. What happens to you when you eat eggs? My kids are intolerant of the cassein in milk- the protein. They can tolerate some yogurts and small amts of cheese. None of us have a problem with eggs so I’m interested.

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@Saveatreein2010 They do. I’ve seen it at my local health food stores.

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They make pills for lactose intolerance.
Our local Health Food store has Soy Cheese.
Whole Foods probably has everything,
Do a search on goggle for your local area.

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There is a delicious new dairy-free ice cream called Coconut Bliss, which is made with coconut milk. I am not vegan, so I can eat regular ice cream, but often buy Coconut Bliss anyway because it’s just so good. There are lots of flavors – Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla are two of my faves. You can get it in lots of health-food stores in San Francisco, but I don’t know about other parts of the country. It’s worth asking your local health-food store if they can carry it.

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I checked the Coconut Bliss website and there’s a map that shows where you can buy it, here

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It depends on what part of the milk you are allergic to. I have a friend who is allergic to cow’s milk, but she can eat hard cheese and butter made from cow’s milk. Also, many people who are told they are lactose intolerant can still drink goat’s milk.

As for eggs, you can buy egg substitute at the grocery store, and here is a website that shows you how to substitute eggs in recipes.

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Are you also allergic to rice, almonds, oats, hemp, and coconut? There are lots of delicious dairy-free substitutes for milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream made from all of these, as well as soy. I’ve been living without dairy for several years, and these are some of the best-tasting alternatives on the market today:

So Delicious coconut milk ice cream, milk beverages, yogurt, kefir, and coffee creamer (They also make soy ice cream that is very delicious)
Earth Balance Buttery Spread
Vegan Gourmet Cream Cheese Alternative
Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheeses
Tofutti Sour Cream (non-hydrogenated)
And the best ice cream on earth is Purely Decadent Made with Coconut Milk (they make a soy ice cream, too that is wonderful, but their coconut milk ice cream is insanely delicious, and doesn’ t have a weird aftertaste like some ther brands do)

You can find all of these products at most any natural foods store, and many major supermarket chains carry many of them, too in their health food department.

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In the United States, one good way to find dairy-free “fake dairy” products is to look for things that are labeled “parve” or “pareve.” The pareve label is there to let kosher (Jewish) consumers know that the product does not contain dairy products. (Vegans should take note that pareve items may still contain eggs or fish.) Once you begin to look for the label, you will see it on many items at your supermarket. If you want to find a concentration of pareve or fake-dairy items, visit a kosher supermarket, if one exists in your area.

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Whole Foods is where to go if you want a fairly wide selection of these items at a moderate-to-high price. Ask any team member there – they’ll help you find stuff.

There are “healthy living” sections in normal grocery stores where you can find some of these items too, but in my experience they’re always a little more stale than at the ‘Hole because they don’t turn over as fast.

You may also want to see if your area has any food co-ops. I’ve been in a few around the country and they tend to have lotsnlots of options.

I also second @occ‘s rec for the coconut items. I eat them, and I don’t even need to.

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