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What makes great design?

Asked by adamlofquist (4points) February 16th, 2010

What elements go into having great design.

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A reflection of the designer…

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What type of design?
In general… Effective use of colors and shapes—and only having elements that have a true purpose.

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clean, unmistakable representation of the designer’s intent.

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Creativity. Boldness. Eye-catching. Interesting. Fun.

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Suitability to purpose, in terms of a functional product.

Flair, dramatic color and lines, reference (sometimes) to classic designs of the past, etc. in terms of purely artistic objects and images: appeal to the senses.

A combination of the two for a smashing success: a beautiful, functional product. (I have a can opener that qualifies.)

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Everyone has their own design style. Me, I like clean, simple, and minimal. You might like something different, its personal preference.

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Appeal to the eclectic,functionality,timelessness…..........

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Great design is simple in theory, but complex in execution.

To elaborate, all that is required for great design is to approach the problem in a manner that allows the message to be read as quickly and efficiently as possible. In other words, the message must be read simply.

The problem is, this execution usually requires a more complex idea behind it. A simple solution is not necessarily an easy solution.

The problem with design is that it’s not a fine art. There are rules to follow. In the end it’s not just the client’s opinion of how it looks that matters or that makes it great. It’s how the work brings in an audience, how that audience interacts with it, how the audience reads it, how the information flows, and how clearly the message is displayed that matters. If those things fail, then the design fails.

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A great design is unique to your style. Instead of following trends, work on setting them.

There are some general things all designers should consider such as color theory, spacing and typography.

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