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Vegans: Would you eat "In Vitro Meat"?

Asked by Poser (7800points) February 16th, 2010

Assuming In Vitro Meat became a viable consumer product (meaning, its safety and deliciousness were assured), would you partake? Why or why not?

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No effing way.

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nope, it is derived from meat.

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I’m vegetarian, not vegan, but hells yeah! My only issue with meat is that I would prefer not to be killed. In vitro meat (can we call it in vitro meatro?) is incapable of having a preference either way.

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Weirdness. I’m not sure I could do it.

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I’m this close to becoming a vegetarian, because of my love of animals. But somehow in vitro meat freaks me out more than the beef I ate today.

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Most vegetarians don’t like meat to start with.
They’re not going in for a genetically altered version that’s grown in a petri dish.

I like meat and I won’t touch that with a 10 foot fork.

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Ummm… NO ewwwwww! That is just disturbing.

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Ummm, hello? “Safety and deliciousness assured…”

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@Poser but not nutrition assured

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@tragiclikebowie It’s meat. It’s nutrition has been assured since man’s stomach first growled.

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Well I’ve never heard of this…I’d consider it…maybe a little of it…I have no issues with vegan meat substitutes in terms of taste so maybe I’d have invitro meatro once in a while

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No but I sure would love it if those folks would grow me another heart and liver, just in case.

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I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d rather eat this than meat that came from a living animal. My first thought was that the in vitro meat industry could end up having shady ethical practices or giving us substandard meat. But the meat industry we have today is pretty fucked up and cruel to animals already. So it would be the lesser of two evils.

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@Haleth where there’s profit to be made, ethics will not win.

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yeah… I think maybe if I had never become a vegetarian I might opt to go for that kind of meat versus the kind you have to kill to get…but after adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle…that just sounds gross.

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I barely eat meat anymore, and I think I’d be more apt to buy in vitro grown meat than meat from an animal that was bred to be killed for me to eat it. I’ve always felt kinda bad about that.

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I find that completely unnatural. I already feel humans have become too far removed from ourselves and our place in the world. Stop fucking around. Eat meat or don’t. But don’t grow it in a lab so your food makes you feel better about yourself. That’s asinine.

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@asmonet: Why the hostility? I really don’t understand your comment on a lot of levels. One, what’s wrong with unnatural? Living past 35 is unnatural and I sure hope to do that. Two, what’s wrong with feeling better about myself? Why would you ever discourage someone from doing that? Three, why is making a moral decision “asinine”? Are all decisions made in the interest of kindness and compassion “asinine” or what?

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I’m vagitarian. Well in bed anyway.

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@asmonet I didn’t say I would eat it. I’m all for a big, juicy steak right now. I agree, why fuck around with what ain’t broke?

I was merely curious if our vegan/vegetarian brethren would be inclined to partake if the possibility of “animal cruelty” were removed.

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@Poser why do you put that in quotation marks? just curious

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Because I don’t agree with Vegans that eating animals and animal products is cruelty. Do they call sharks cruel? Tigers? They eat meat. Why are we separate from nature?

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@Poser Soon enough I’ll post a q relating to the animal cruelty that chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows undergo for your benefit – not the kind they’d face in the face of nature, but the kind they face at the face of the meat industry – you’d be appalled if you ever really read up on the facts. This kind of deliberate mechanized assault and its level in terms of numbers is unheard of in any natural environment. Besides, we are separate from nature through the food we eat, since these animals don’t actually go through any natural life cycle, are killed off before they can reproduce, if they are to reproduce, they’re forced to have much more offspring than they’d ever produce naturally and in general are not animals that would even occur in nature, given the severe genetic and hormonal modification…if you’d like specifics, name an animal you eat and I will provide evidence. If you read ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer, you will have no more questions.

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How can you assure something as subjective as deliciousness?

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If it was safe and I could be assured that it was synthesized and not taken from an animal (although the initial creation of the stuff in the petri dish might have to be) as long as they didn’t continue to kill animals after the initial creation of this stuff and it could continually be made without ever having to kill another animal, I’d say yes. I don’t find meat yucky in taste or texture, it’s all about the ethics for me. Less killing is always the best route.

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The way veggies are grown today in dirt that isn’t ,isn’t that much different than invitro meatro. As for how meat animals are raised on factory farms & in feedlots, that is why I raise my own on my little family farm.

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