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How can I stop my glasses from sliding down my nose?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) February 16th, 2010

my glasses like to slide down my nose farther than I would like them to. Is there a way I can stop this, perhaps a product that increases the friction on the nose rest (is that what they call it?) of my glasses.
Note: I am not at all interested in any type of product like chums or glasses clips that go around my neck or whatever.

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Get then adjusted at an optician.

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Duct tape…use 2 strips for most secure hold.

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Super Glue.

You could also try Wedgees.

And then there is the information given by eHow.

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Cut off your nose.

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Walgreen’s & similar stores have little eyeglass kits, which include nosepiece pads.

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The optician can tighten the ear pieces. That will usually prevent slippage.

Or else, you bought a pair of frames that have a nose rest that is too wide for the bridge of your nose. They come in different widths (as do noses).

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Get them adjusted. I have plastic frames and they heat them up to shape them. It only takes a few minutes and mine don’t slip.

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Just about any eyeglass store will adjust them for free.

Failing that, watch The Jerk.

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If your pair looks like this you should get silicone nose pads installed like those on these. They just screw the nose pads into the frame. This has solved the problem for me in the past, but beware they can make the frames stick out from your face too far so that it looks odd. Any optician should be able to do this. I’d just go back to wherever you got the glasses from and explain your problem. They usually do adjustments like this for free.

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I said that in the second reply. None of you got it. Dammit!

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I feel really lucky. I have my first pair of “all the time” glasses and they never slip and I have pretty oily skin. I did spend lots and lots of money on them though.

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@judochop I did get it but since I saw the title I wanted to throw that out there.

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Cut your nose off to spite your face.What a spectacle that would make.

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Man, I wish I had a video of this. I’ll have to rely on your imagination. When we were kids (back when all lenses were heavy glass) my brother didn’t want to have to push his glasses up with his finger. So he would just work ‘em back up with facial muscles! He looked like Leon Spinks having a seizure, it was so funny.

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@stratman37 I still do that sometimes.

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Have you tried just buying nose pads at the drug store?

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