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What is music from the Mercy Corps Haiti advertisements?

Asked by bostonbeliever (383points) February 16th, 2010

Starts off with strings and some sort of light percussion (piano perhaps, it doesn’t sound like drums, maybe a keyboard?).
and then a guitar comes in (acoustic) strumming.
if anyone uses Hulu, it’s the advertisement shown on Hulu, maybe it’s shown elsewhere too.

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Can you find a direct link to the ad?

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i don’t know if it’ll work, because the ads are chosen at random, so even if I give the link for the video it might not have the same ads as when i watched it.
oh well, it’s worth a shot i suppose.
that’s what i was watching when i got the ad.
i’ll try youtube too

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Tried reloading a couple of times. Didn’t get it.

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This song was driving me crazy – seems so familiar! I think its a song played in the movie “Love Actually.” The song is the “Portuguese Love Theme” by Craig Armstrong. Try the youtube link below, about a minute through I think its the same segment.

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that was really nice, but i don’t think it’s it.
i mean, if it’s the same then the version from the movie is much slower and and softer, without any guitar, and heavy on the piano and not violins.
i have a bad ear for stuff like that, different arrangements, etc.
but i don’t think it’s it, no.

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Hi there!

So I spent some time looking for it on the net. It was bugging me as well lol. I discovered and joined Fluther beause of your question ^^

It turns out the song is called “Together” by a band called “The Kin”.

Here is a youtube link:

It sounds different because the ad is the instrumental version. If you want to listen to the specific part used in the ad, go directly to 2:10.

Enjoy ;-)

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That IS IT!

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No problem @bostonbeliever ;-)

I know all too well the feeling of trying to find a song. Can’t put another human being through all that pain if I can avoid it haha ^^

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