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Women and Travel: Have you ever been to Puerto Rico?

Asked by answerjill (6175points) February 17th, 2010

How safe and friendly an experience do you think it would be for a young(ish) woman traveling alone? Are there places that you would avoid?

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oops. sorry. that wasn’t helpful at all. i thought the topic was the entire question :]

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@hoist2k Thanks, I just edited it so that others don’t have that problem.

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I was born there. As with any place on planet Earth (and a good portion of the Moon), there are good areas and bad areas.

Generally beautiful, all around. Low crime rate. I’d say go for it, but be smart. Stick to the touristy areas.

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If your name is Maria you’re fine but if you meet a guy named Tony it could be trouble. And if they hear you came with a “Jet” bad news but you can always bust out with
“I Feel Pretty”.
Don’t go chasing waterfalls

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I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me.

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Yes, I went two summers ago, but it was with my family. I’d avoid “New” San Juan as much as possible. Old San Juan is historical quaint for touristic purposes, whereas New San Juan has a lot of ghettos and the like. The indoor marketplaces can get pretty sketchy there, but they’re cool to check out if you have people with you.

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I am speaking strictly from a mans perspective. my wife and i went to Puerto Rico and loved it. we had our children and we never separated from each other. your safest bet is to travel with a tour. there is safety in numbers. we did not feel threatened in Pueto Rico, until we tasted the rum. we knew that having our children along, would set a bad example if we had too much rum. so, we brought several bottles home with us. as a single woman, i would not go alone to Purto Rico. find a good group of tourists to either go with or hang out with while there. you can have the rum, but how about bringing back a couple of bottles for old John? be safe.

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