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if you connect to the net using the EDGE network does it cost you minutes?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

for some reason I have a ton of minutes used up this month already and I never talk on the phone

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if you got the phone you had you buy the unlimuted multimedia package with it so your using your minutes…

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All iPhone packages come with unlimited Internet. If somehow you didn’t pick an iPhone package, or are using an unlocked iPhone, you are screwed.

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It depends on your phone company. This is a question to ask customer support, not Fluther.

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Same with squirbel, the iPhone’s most prized feature is its Internet, and all AT&T packages come with it. So either someone else is using your phone, or yours doesn’t lock before you put it in your pocket (it has called people 3 different people when I dont lock it)

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I’m with O2 and all Internet roaming wether edge or the cloud network is free!

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