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Are you getting the privacy you require?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) February 19th, 2010

Where do you draw the lines about what you will share and what you won’t? Do you get the privacy you need? If not, who or what is intruding on your space?

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In our house privacy is defined by quiet, we usually don’t expect any because the wife and I spent lots of time alone before we met so right now any space between us is too far…

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I get the privacy I need.

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I live with a roommate and unfortunately she doesn’t respect my privacy.
She wears my clothes without asking and posts pictures of her in them on Facebook like an idiot, as if she thinks I won’t notice or something, she eats my food and doesn’t replace it, she’s driven my car without asking and takes plenty of little things like stamp booklets, laundry quarters, rolls of toilet paper and other feminine products. She is the biggest pain in the ass. If I ask her to replace what I have missing she will, but it sucks that I have to ask her. I feel she should take the initiative to replace these things or not touch them at all.
I’m a very private person and I enjoy my space.
When my lease is up, I plan on moving to a studio apartment on my own.
I can’t stand people touching my things without asking. Makes me wonder what else she’s taken that I have yet to notice which in turn stresses me out. :/

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I live in a college dorm; what do you think?

But in all honesty, the things that I don’t want to share are not going to be shared. I am an extrovert by nature, so I prefer being with other people anyway.

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I get all the privacy I need isn’t that why WiFi and laptops were invented?

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I get the privacy I need but also like @DominicX I’m an extrovert and most comfortable in the company of other people so I don’t need much.

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@Vunessuh Oh damn, that would render me stark raving mad. Sorry to hear it. :/

I’m extremely independent and perhaps much too needy of my alone time, which makes people think I’m antisocial and a hermit. I might be, too. But the mentality towards it is not me thinking I’m wiser than the rest or that I abhor other people. Not at all.
I just like being alone in my own sick little world.

On the off hand the balance can switch rather abruptly, as always being on your own, even when I’m actually amidst crowds all day, gets tiresome and I feel the need to be with people. Out of nowhere.

But yeah, I need a lot of privacy and alone time and get kinda annoyed that people seem to define this as abnormal. Well, maybe it is, but you know, if I’m never around can’t you find something else to talk about haha.

I like to do everything alone, so I wish people would leave me alone about it LAWLZ

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@Symbeline GA. We have a lot in common in that respect. Fuck man, we should be roommates. Now that would be fun. XD

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@Vunessuh In all seriousness, it totally would. I think we’re both independent and respectful enough that we’d never get on one another’s nerves. Also I wouldn’t mind if you wore my clothes.:)—

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@Symbeline I wouldn’t mind if I wore your clothes either. :D

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I adored my husband and that is why it bothered me if he came into my studio without knocking to talk about stuff that could have waited till later.

But to answer the question, I love love love love time alone, and if I can’t get some most days I get classical PTSD symptoms.

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I do get the privacy I need and when I don’t it’s time for a road trip ;)

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I pretty much get the privacy I need, with the exception of when it comes to my comings and goings. I don’t like having to report to anyone. Or let anyone know where I’m going and when I’ll be back. I have a roommate, and it’s not that she asks me all of these things, it’s just understood that as roommates, we should let each other know. It’s a courtesy I wish I didn’t feel obligated to keep up.

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Yes, I get what I need and probably more.

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I’m doing fine, but I’m thinking you’ve got a privacy problem of some kind.

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I get a the privacy I need, since I am alone at home most of every day. I even have a little house in the back yard I can go to if I want.

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I live alone so get plenty of privacy as far as I know. I have never felt like my privacy was threatened in anyway. When I am in a socialising mood, that is when I share. If I am not in such a mood I shut myself in my flat where I get all the space and privacy I need.

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