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What is it that you don't see?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) February 19th, 2010

Do you have any blind spots? In what areas of your life are they? What are they? How did you discover them? What are you doing about them?

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I’m not sure what it looked like.

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The bad in people. I’m always astounded by how mean people can be, or sometimes downright evil. It depresses me, so I think I tend to suppress the very idea of it, until it hits me in the face.

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Without my glasses anything more than a foot from my face.

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@augustlan Me too. And even when I am confronted with irrefutable proof that they’ve lied or something, a tiny part of me still doesn’t believe it….

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How the hell would I know if I have any blind spots? It’s not like I can hear them.

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I don’t need to see…what I can’t see I can feel!

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I don’t see how people can look at something so blatently obvious with evidence to back it up, but can’t accept the reality.

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I’m very gullible and too trusting of people. I know I am so now I’m some sort of trusting/cynical mess most of the time.

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i know of no such thing and refuse to wear a helmet!

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My husband used to tell me I was the cause of all our problems with each other, and that I refused to look at it. Sure I refused. He was the cause of all our problems.

Not really.

Seriously, I go psychologically “blind” if someone’s mad at me. I freeze, I can’t think very well, I can’t breathe normally, I can’t speak. I need a little time. I think you could call this a recurring blind spot.

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You don’t see white dog shit anymore.Strange.

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I did not see the immorality in this world until I had an Autistic Son.
I was lied to by many. I was exploited and taken advantage of my Professionals and Parents.
Now I see through all deceptions and trust few.
I did not think another Parent would use me but many tried. I could not say no easily to another Parent.
Sadly I spent Years telling other Parents not to trust one particular Parent but she conned everyone but me.
She hated because I refusd to be conned. I asked nothing from her but she never let up; until my Son switched schools.
I see the world as it is sadly .

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I used to be very blind to my “us vs them” thinking. I liked thinking I was open and accepting. Without going into details I discovered my capacity for being prejudice. I came face to face with both my internalized and externalized racism, misandry, misogyny, cacomorphobia, and homophobia. It was subtle, learned, and ugly. It became very clear to me that I needed to deeply evaluate my worldview of self, divinity, and others. I spent several years digging up the roots that separated me from others and kept me from moving beyond empathy into shared transparency.

I’m still capable of being judgmental, setting people up against myself, and projecting my own ugliness onto others, but it is a rare thing to find me stepping into such us vs them thinking. When it does occur I acknowledge it, take responsibility for it, and move on.

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I can’t see, or I’m “blind” to what everyone around me sees in me. I don’t understand why I am loved, or that I am good enough for the person I am with. I always think that someone is smarter, prettier, better, etc in most aspects of my life. My friends and family constantly tell me I am blind to all the great things that everyone else sees. They see an intelligent, pretty, funny, and lovable person while I just can’t see the same thing. Poo

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I see all – it’s a curse.

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I open my wallet and I see no money in there.

Also being a pessimist, I’m betting there’s many things I don’t see, but how would I know what, if I don’t see them.

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Yes, my driving life, other vehicles, the hard way & adjusting my mirrors.

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Yeah, ditto….it’s funny because I’m more jaded on the outside…but a little bit of time and I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a SERIOUS fault.
@susanc I’ve got something like that only with fear…if I feel vulnerable or threatened in a situation I shut down to the point of irritation. And I’m completely blind to what the problem is because it’s not like it’s ever a truly dangerous situation…I’ve been emotionally hurt before…don’t know why I freak out so much.

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In my past I have worn rose-tinted glasses, but I literally gave them back to the person who gave them to me, never want to try them on again. And what exactly was I choosing to rose-tint? A romantic relationship of course, which is now, 9 years down the track, a very comfortable friendship and a much better fit.

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I think blind spots are when we aren’t READY to handle the truth…yet.
Like a social fabric softener to prevent wrinkly behaviors and static cling.

There’s some kind of timing element to clear seeing. Or so my Retrospective glasses show me.

And I agree with the Rose Colored Glasses Program theory mentioned previously. Judgement has the final authority guarding the eye socket doorways, as if it says, “Oh you can’t come in here if you’re gonna be like THAT!”

And asking me to tell you what I don’t see is as crazy as listing things I don’t remember!

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I don’t always see how I am loved. I can say I feel it in general but I don’t always see it the way it makes sense to me or more specifically, how I want it to be shown to me. It’s taken a long time to accept it’s been my auto pilot to show others love but to kind of dismiss or discount a lot of their actions towards me because my past has been to not trust which isn’t fair to the present. I’m a work in progress.

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@Neizvestnaya I’m a work in progress. I hear you… ;) GA

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