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What good do you get from buying wholesale jewelry?

Asked by davetp10 (4points) February 19th, 2010

Inquiry about shopping for wholesale jewelry online.

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I can turn around and sell it for retail! Especially on ebay.

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Lots of cheap girlfriends?

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Be careful of anything of value bought on the internet. You really don’t know if you are getting a true wholesale price unless you compare the exact same item to that of another retailer.

Jewelry, stones and the like are easy to counterfeit and you will have to get the products appraised locally and if there is an issue, you have a problem

If you are buying cheap, inexpensive jewelry then I would not worry about this but if your gifit is over $1,000 I would be real wary about buying jewelry over the net.


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When dealing with wholesale jewelry, it is better to be selective, not only about the jewelry you buy, but also to the supplier that you go to buy jewelry wholesale. There is no problem in the distributor line, as you can a supplier on the Internet before the deal investigation.

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